Sunday, June 1, 2008

The exhausting end

Did I mention how much I enjoy flying? I really thought this time would be better because the long flight (DC to Denver) came first. Not so much. First of all, we were up at 4 am to catch an 8:30 flight at Reagan only to find out that yesterday's freak thunderstorm delayed flights that spilled over into today and got us out of there at 10 o'clock! I could've had an extra hour of sleep! But while we were at the airport, a woman and her 3-year old daughter (who was beautiful!) came up to us to see the baby. We talked, Sam (the daughter) was very shy but she played with Megan a little bit until we FINALLY got on the plane. During the flight Sam and her mom kept coming back to see Megan and visit and then they waited for us in Denver to say goodbye. She was really cute. Most of the first leg was doable -- she slept on and off and wasn't too fussy.

Chopper and Megan in front of the planes -- her first trip out of Missoula!

In Denver we managed to give Megan a little bit of flail time while we wolfed down a lunch that I think is now giving me issues -- go figure. The flight from Denver to Missoula was on a smaller plane and my poor baby alternately screamed and slept. Literally. Why was she so cranky? Perhaps it was the fact that she went on strike after her 7 am breakfast and refused to eat the rest of the day. I don't think she likes the nursing cover. Needless to say, I too suffered from that -- if you nurse, you know what I mean! But she would not settle down to do anything other than sleep.

Missoula airport FINALLY and its small so it won't take long to get the luggage. Oh, we had booked our flights with Frontier nearly a month ago and then they called us and said that because of bankruptcy (oh joy) they were no longer flying into Missoula. They graciously placed us on a flight with United from Missoula to Denver for no extra cost but our luggage would have to change airlines too. I of course cursed us by joking that our luggage would probably get lost. Sigh. Bag 1, bag 2, bag 3 ok. Where's the car seat? They lost the car seat. I am not kidding -- the car seat that was with the rest of our luggage. We had decided to check it this time and use the snugli and it gets lost. They gave us a loaner until it gets flown out and should be delivered tomorrow. I swear.

Was the trip worth it? Absolutely. I want both of our families to be involved with our children. Some of my best childhood memories involve my Grandpa and Grandma Goodman and I'm still close to her today (Grandpa Goodman died about 4 years ago and I miss him!). But it is nice to be home and get back to our routine and it does make me eager to move back out there so that being close to our families won't be quite the production!

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