Friday, September 30, 2011

Abby's Stats

Abby's 18 month appointment was yesterday (Wednesday was her "birthday") and there were no surprises there.

Weight -- 20 lbs 10 oz (6%)
Height -- 29.75 inches (7%)
Head -- 44.75 cm (9%)

Still tiny.

In other news, I couldn't resist any longer and I broke down and took out the fall and Halloween decorations.  Hey, tomorrow is the first so I'm almost safe!  But ever since Chopper painted and moved the bridge pictures, I've had this big blank wall staring at me.  Lightbulb!
Fun huh?  The framed pictures are Megan and Abby's first Halloween (each) and the subway art is from the Eighteen25 blog (I think, I need to recheck that).  The middle is a magnetic board from IKEA and it is the perfect solution to my griping about pictures.

I have too many pictures of the girls and other family members (but yes, mainly the girls) that I just love.  And I hate changing frames all the time and who really has room to display them ALL.  So I decided with a magnet board, I can display all my favorites each month for that season or holiday.  When it's birthday time I'll put up lots of pictures of previous birthdays and when they were born.  I'm very excited about it and the girls love seeing themselves in pictures and always ask about who everyone else is.  Now if I could just get pictures of everyone else . . . you know who you are!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back Again

Yes more arboretum pictures.  Megan has been talking for a FULL WEEK about going back and getting another kitty-cat face.  So we took some different friends (I have now exhausted my supply of friends -- just kidding) and enjoyed it another day.  

I tell you what though -- it was hot and muggy again!  But we had a great time as usual.  Ready for the same old same old?  You know you love it!
 Ariel's throne.  We didn't get to this castle last time so it was first on our list this time.  Go figure that on our way out the door that Megan realized that THIS time we didn't go to Rapunzel's castle.  That girl has a memory like an elephant.

 Yeah I know, a bird.  But it just sat there and let us get close.  The girls were fascinated.

 This is Abby -- go go go.  Hold me or let me run.  And when she runs, she does not listen.  Although actually, if you're on the move yourself, she'll pretty much stay with you.  But sitting down for a bit is not an option.  Even when there's food involved.  She just takes it with her!

 I got a better shot this time of the whole carriage and the girls in it.  Megan loves this thing.  Abby just likes another place to climb.

 Hi mom!

 Megan and her friend Phoebe.

 Ah there it is, the blue kitty-cat face.  And yes she keeps going back to look in the mirror with this one too.

 Abby's favorite is the animals and today they had a cow which made me really nervous.  It's penned it but Abby likes to lean into the pen and I had visions of that cow lifting it's head and goring her with a horn on the way up.  So we tried to stick with goats.  That really became fascinating when one started pooping and I had to get her away from it before you tried to explore what THAT was.

 I think this bower of Crepe Myrtles is my favorite place in the whole arboretum.  

Megan and Phoebe: kitty and puppy.  We had a good time -- they had a good time.  Well worth another trip.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black and Blue and Random for You

Random pictures for you this week -- enjoying the cooler weather -- only 90 degrees!!!

Both my girls love sunglasses.  They are cute.

Do you see this monstrosity on my arm?

Here I outlined it for you.
This is the bruise on my arm from getting my blood drawn.  I HAVE NEVER had a bruise this bad!  And that's saying something since I pretty much have my blood taken every other month (and for someone with needle phobia that's a big deal).  It's just proof I should listen to my instincts.  When the new nurse put the tourniquet on weird I should have known.  She didn't get the vein right and so then the doctor did it.  And believe it or not, this bruise is where the doctor poked me.  Oh it hurt so bad.  And it's my Abby arm and you all know that the girl won't let me put here down -- unless we're in public and she could get lost -- then she wants to run.  Figures.  But I just had to bring attention to my pain and suffering because Chopper and my mom are both tired of hearing about it and I need more sympathy.  Thanks for listening!  :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


I just had to report that we successfully navigated a birthday party!  And by we I guess I really mean Megan.  I think that it was the first one we've been to since family parties in Virginia and she was quite a bit younger then. 

We had a lot of talks about the presents and how they were not hers.  We talked about sharing and not screaming and throwing fits.  And the only one that occurred was when the toy she was playing with was directly taken -- I can't blame her there!

Of course cupcakes and ice cream were a huge hit and even when the little girl unwrapped her presents Megan was golden.  If I just hadn't stepped in that anthill it would have been perfect . . .

Well, if it's not one thing it's another!
But I am so proud of her!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is Here -- and it's 91 Degrees!!

 Fall is here!!!  Kind've sad when you feel fall in the air but the temperature is still in the 90's huh?  But I will be laughing at "ya'll" when it's November and it's quite comfortable!!

What really got us into the spirit of fall today though was the Dallas Arboretum.  So yes, 'tis the season for too many pictures of kids surrounded by pumpkins -- just like last year!!!  We were there during some of their toddler activities though and that was a lot of fun for the girls.  I love that both of the girls are at the stage to get excited and enjoy days like this!
 Abby cried when I made her put this one back.  She tried to pick up lots of pumpkins.  We may be decorating for fall and Halloween sooner than I had planned!!!

 This year their pumpkin village was decorated to be Cinderella's bedroom, kitchen, etc.  They had these awesome "chandeliers" up in all the houses made of hanging pumpkins and Indian corn.  I thought they were a really neat fall decoration and I may have to try it myself . . . 

 Megan and her friend Sammy who went with us.

 Doesn't this look professional?  Megan is getting a lot better at smiling when I ask her to.  Now if I could just get Abby to comply we might get some decent family pictures!!

 Nope.  Looking at pumpkins -- not at mommy.

 Nope.  Looking at feet, not at Mommy.

 Another pumpkin house.

 This was Cinderella's glass slipper on display and there was a gown on the wall as well.  I don't know how you get white pumpkins but they were really pretty.

 And here was the highlight!  A real, pumpkin-shaped carriage!  How cool is that?  Sorry I didn't get a shot of the whole thing -- there was a line for pictures and a sign asking us to only stay 3 minutes.

 Of course, Megan didn't want to get out and I had to carry her out kicking and screaming.  So this is her pouting afterwards.

 But we recovered with some face painting!!

 Then it was over to the petting zoo to see the donkey, the goats (which Abby kept calling sheep), and the rabbit.

 Brushing the sheep (ok there was one) was fun apparently.

 As usual, the Arboretum was absolutely beautiful.

 After lunch and seeing the princess castles (which I've done pictures of those before), they had storytime (which we missed) and Kindermusick (which we didn't and the girls enjoyed!).

Believe it or not -- Abby was dancing!  I got a little bit of it on film and I hope the quality is good.  If not, I might have to repost from YouTube.  Even the bouncing at the end before she falls over I think was dancing!

And in other news, yes Abby is continuing to go where no toddler has gone before.  And because of her size, she still fits!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Balloons or Bust

It was a bust.

There's a hot air balloon festival in Plano this weekend and WE WERE SO EXCITED!  When Chopper and I lived in Albuquerque, they have the king of all hot air balloon festivals and it is really neat to watch them fill those things up and then fill the sky.  There's a "glowdeo" (at least that's what they called it there) and you get to talk to the "balloonies" (I don't think that's really what they're called).  PLUS we knew the girls would love seeing big giant balloons.

 They had a fair going on to so we walked around a bit before launch time.

 Abby reached for everything -- she wanted it all and wanted to be out running around, not stuck in the stroller!

 See how angry she is?

 They had some parachute people (parachutists?) drop from a plane about 5:30 and that was kind've fun to watch.  Supposedly they were performing but I'm not sure what . . . 

 And then we got corn dogs and went to find a place to sit and watch.  Abby loved corn dogs by the way.  That's my girl!

 We're sitting and waiting and I'm chasing Abby around . . . 

And then launch time comes . . . 
 And goes.  Where are the balloons?

 So we had snacks and made faces and tried to entertain ourselves a bit (I was a terrible mom and brought no entertainment but I didn't know what to expect!).

And finally we gave up and went home.  The girls were getting tired and cranky.  Abby would NOT sit for a single moment, and Megan was having fits about which seat in the stroller was hers.  Needless to say, having waited for an hour and not having any announcements about whey they weren't launching, and with no balloons even laid out on the field at all, we deemed it best to cut our losses and go.

I know that with balloons of that size, and the fact that they are powered by FIRE, makes it critical to have good weather conditions and little wind, but still we were disappointed.  Maybe we'll try again next year.

Well, Abby's first corn dog is a milestone worth celebrating right?