Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attack of the Ponytails and a Maybe Announcement

Abby's poor hair is growing out terribly.  I think it's a little curlier than Megan's was but it's not quite curly enough.  So it's thin and random and everywhere!  I've been trying to corral it with ponytails.  Some days it looks like this:

And some days it looks like this.  This is a lot cuter and she looks more grown-up to me.  More like a little girl than a baby.  Then it's curly in the back so she looks a little more put together.  Because we may not look good but I at least like us to look put together!  Or rather, not falling apart.

Megan likes to get in on the action too.  I tell you what, there's no better way to motivate a child to let you do their hair than to get the other one going first.  Then they fight over the bathroom stool and both want their hair done.  Silly girly girls.

So for the maybe announcement.  No, not pregnant.  That announcement won't be a maybe.

I'm thinking of killing off my other blog.  I've realized a few things about blogging for business (or something other than family and journaling):
1.  You have to have cute, wonderful ideas ALL THE TIME in order to really go anywhere with it.  I'm either not that creative, or not that energetic.
2.  You have to spend time doing it.  See above comment about energy.  It doesn't take a lot to get on the computer of course but I've realized something about my life -- I love not having a job.  I love reading the book I want to and doing a quilt or craft project because I feel like it.  Sometimes I chafe at doing housework on a regular basis (ok I think everyone does that), but I prefer my relative freedom (with 2 kids relative is a big word) and I'm not sure I want to add one more thing I need to do all the time.  And I don't NEED to all the time, but still . . . 
3.  There are so many cute blogs out there with awesome stuff.  I might just add a few more that I follow regularly to my sidebar because they're amazing and in this instance I love being a follower, not a leader.

So all that being said -- THIS BLOG IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!  I have finally discovered the best way for me to keep a journal of our family and it's awesome!  And I know that my family reads it (or says they do!) and that's what's most important.

But I also may throw in book recommendations and other ideas as I have them.  Why not?  It's all a part of life around here.

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Alicia said...

There is nothing wrong with putting your good ideas into your journal. If you feel like you need to get rid of the other blog, DO IT. But I have loved your ideas because they are great. And YOU are great. And I read every post. On both.