Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis the Season

For Santa! The Riverdale Library (one room) had Santa and Mrs. Claus and it was perfect for Megan's first visit because there were no long lines and she did exactly what I thought she was going to do -- get really concerned and then cry. She was only concerned until she turned around and got a good look at Mr. Claus and the result was all out help me! She calmed down once I was holding her again poor thing!

For Snow! Michigan weather is apparently going to set a record for snowfall in December. I love snow, but this is not exactly thrilling. We made a snowman to stand in for Chopper for our Christmas cards (the real one is much cuter), and then walked around showing Megan the trees and everything. She really had to examine of course and my mom got this ADORABLE picture of her. I think it's my new favorite. Can you believe this madness?

For football! Grandpa's teaching her "touchdown" and she does pretty good. Although she crosses her fingers (what's she lying about)? Chopper will be so happy except for one little problem: she only does touchdown for Grandpa!

For Christmas! And the monster is completely thrilled by all things Christmas. She loves the music, LOVES the presents, and LOVES the decorations. Even when we go in stores and she sees trees or hanging wreaths and things she does her excited grunt/scream thing.

I do love the holidays and we definately have Christmas spirit going on!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Overdue Update

Next time I go to the library I'll have to add pictures -- I've got a ton of cute ones! But I thought an update was well overdue in the meantime.

Probably the smallest I've had in a while! Just me, my parents, Megan of course (who didn't eat anything by the way) and my brother Mark who lives in Chicago. It was a very nice Thanksgiving but I have to admit that I think I like it when they are crowded and noisy and bustling! Don't you love the word bustling?

Megan has developed some fun tricks and refuses to develop the ones I want her to (like eating a variety of foods and crawling -- my arms are nice and firm though!). She can now wave and do touchdown -- although her arms aren't straight up. She has also discovered Cheerios, which means that Arthur (my parents' dog) has also discovered Cheerios and the sound that just getting the box open makes. She loves them. Grandma also gave her potato chips today which she ate without any hesitation. Wish she would do that with green beans, peas, oh well, any vegetable really. What's ironic about that is that my mom is somewhat of a health nut too . . . but I guess every grandparent should get to spoil them a little bit right?

We continue to be in limbo with Chopper's job but he FINALLY sees a doctor Friday so I'll add more after that hopefully. And we've had two snowfalls and today's was pretty hefty. Christmas is definitely in the air!