Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We're Back!

I cannot tell you how good it is to have internet again. We decided when we moved to Virginia (and I can't believe we're FINALLY here!) that we wouldn't get TV but I had to have my internet!

Ok, lots to update -- I guess I should give the short version right?

My brother Jeff came home from his mission in Mendosa, Argentina on Feb. 6 -- Megan's first birthday. Of course it was the first time that he had seen her and he kept saying things like "she is so cute!" (yes, thank you) and "I can't believe I'm an uncle!". We celebrated her birthday and his homecoming at my parents in Michigan and then Chopper and Megan and I drove the 12 hours (yes, with a 1-year old) to our apartment in Fredericksburg, Virginia! It is wonderful to be together again as a family and have our stuff. I know things are just material possessions but having your own space is invaluable.

Megan now has 5 teeth and is still not crawling! We had her one-year appointment with a new doctor and she has referred us to a service that will provide physical therapy if Megan qualifies. I'm pretty sure she will. She is really turning into a toddler: pointing at things she wants, screeching and babbling at the top of her lungs, rolling her eyes at me, etc. It's fun to have her more interactive than just reactive.

I've been reading up a storm lately and have gotten on this Shannon Hale kick (thanks Grandma!). She writes mainly young adult fiction but they are all the best stories and wonderful romances to boot! I highly recommend her -- the titles I've read so far are The Goose Girl, Book of A Thousand Days, Princess Academy, and Austenland -- actually an adult novel about a woman who goes to a "camp" that is Regency England/Jane Austen immersion -- fun, light read. I also read a fun book called These Is My Words. I can't remember the author and once you get past the fact that the title is horrendous it is really good. It's diary-style about a woman in the Arizona territories in the mid to late 1800s. Also very romantic but it felt very real -- like this is what women really think and feel. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Ok pictures! I'm going to attach a ton because it's been so long -- hopefully they all come through. Enjoy! ** I just checked them and for some reason the text isn't matched up with the pictures but I'll be darned if I'm going to redo it so have fun matching them up!
Just grinning!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Megan started doing this funny thing in pushing out her stomach and holding it when she was done eating. I swear she looked pregnant.
Megan and my brother Jeff reading stories.

Happy first birthday! THe pink doll in the first picture was her birthday present from Aunt Denise -- it's an ugly sock doll and it's really horribly cute and Megan loves it -- especially the eyes. Apparently they look tasty!

Just a funny face.
With my brother Mark who lives in Chicago.
With Grandpa Gasser (aka my dad and can I just say -- that sounds really weird to call him Grandpa Gasser -- sorry dad!) Everyone was wonderful and wore birthday hats which Megan thought was really funny.

I have the strangest child on the planet. She never really took to baby food and LOVES table food. Spicy and flavorful included. I am not kidding when I say she eats fajitas -- not burrito style obviously). Anyway, her cake. SHe pulled off the sprinkles one by one and ate them but then didn't want anything to do with the cake because it was covered in sticky icing and she doesn't like things that are sticky (she won't eat syrup either). So I broke it up for her and she ate a few pieces but was just ok with the whole thing. She didn't have icecream -- mainly because she refuses to take a spoon and I'm not giving that to her for finger food! Strange baby.