Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poor girl

I can't believe I forgot this because I laughed SOOOO hard!

Yesterday we get a survey call from Maris College for the "youngest male over 18 in the house). It turned out to be a survery about A) Obama, B) abortion, and C) our government system. Well Chopper is indeed the youngest male over 18 in our household and you all know how wonderfully opinionated he is. Our phone tends to be loud so I could hear some of her questions and these were Chopper's answers. He wasn't rude mind you, just . . . vocal. . . and well I'm not kidding that this is how it went:

Girl: I'm going to name some types of people and I want you to tell me if they should be able to speak out on abortion or not on a scale of 1-5 -- 1 being they absolutely should not and 5 they absolutely should.
Chopper: Well if they're living in this country than the answer is 5 for all of them because we all have freedom of speech.
Girl: Well I need to go through them anyway.
Chopper: Ok fine.
When the girl gets to judge -- Chopper: Is this a sitting judge or a private citizen who is a judge.
Girl: I can't elaborate on the questionnaire sir.
Chopper: Well if it's a private citizen, of course they can, but if they're on the bench, absolutely not.
Girl: I need a number.
Chopper: Well how can I answer the question if I don't know what capacity he's in?
Girl: Well you need to give me a number.
Chopper: Then I guess I"m going to assume since you're saying judge that he's on the bench so that's a no, a 1.

GIrl: Should the Supreme Court change the law about abortion?
Chopper: I can't answer that it's a dumb question.
Girl: What do you mean?
Chopper: The Supreme Court doesn't legislate, they rule on decisions already made. It would be the Congress that legislates.
Girl: SO you're saying that they shouldn't change the law?
Chopper: I'm saying that the question is invalid because the Supreme Court doesn't legislate.
Girl: Sir if you're not going to answer a question just tell me to move on.
Chopper: Then move on because I can't answer invalid questions.

Those are just a few examples of how this survey went. But it made me sad too because she had a whole series of questions where the answer was either "pro-life" or "pro-choice" and it asked you to choose but it was stuff like, which group cares more about family and which group should be allowed to speak out about their views and which group is more violent. Chopper basically answered "both" for all of those (not an option of course) because we do all have the right to speak out and I do believe that everyone cares about their family and there has been violence on both sides. It made me sad that their survey obviously set out to peg people into little holes that said if you believe a certain way than you are bad or good. That is one of the biggest things that bothers me about politics. If someone's views are not mine, they are not a bad person (ok a few exceptions but you can ask Chopper about those) -- but it seems as if lately the labels of "liberal" and "conservative" are both being used by the opposite groups to spread hate. And there are people on both sides who do it. But that poor girl. I wonder how the rest of her calls went?

Family Update

I wasn't sure what else to title this since it's lots of random things but I guess that's as good as any!

Crib Recall
Megan's crib was recalled due to breaking slats in certain models. The maker is Jardine and they worked pretty quickly to get us a voucher to purchase a new crib. So yesterday we went to Babies R Us to pick one out and this is what we came home with. I'm very surprised at the black -- I would have preferred to get a wood color but I liked the crib and I'm not really trying to match any decor so I thought why the heck not? I am very excited about it being a drop-side though because our last one was not and I did not care for squishing myself into the bar to pick up my baby!

On the way home from Richmond we spotted this Outdoor World off the highway and so we had to go. If you've been to Cabela's, I think that this was bigger. They had of course every outdoor "area" that you could think of -- camping, fishing, hunting, etc., plus boats and RV's and 3-wheelers and a restaurant and kids area with classes and giant fishtanks and displays. Chopper was in heaven, Megan was in heaven (stuffed animals galore -- ok really stuffed, not the cute and cuddly ones) and I had a good time too I have to admit. I had a really cute picture of Megan in a coonskin hat holding a stuffed alligator (cute and cuddly, not real) but our camera is stupid and wouldn't flash so they turned out way too dark.

We've been trying to do fun things because Chopper's doctor gave him the go-ahead and he'll be reporting to training next week and then will be in Georgia until about the middle of September. I'm not real thrilled about my temporary single-parenting but it's good that he's finally going.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Like every new mom, I read a lot of parenting books and look for all of those milestones to occur: crawling, first steps, first words, etc. And it's an exciting moment when they finally occur and you know that your child is progressing and growing.

I've now realized that many of those milestones, however, are not covered by the parenting books. Perhaps they don't want to discourage parents just yet . . .

Megan's most recent milestones in the latter category include the following:
1. picking her nose
2. Throwing screaming fits (i.e. tantrums) when she doesn't get her way
3. Understanding no and either ignoring it or making it a game
4. Realizing that her hands are dirty and deciding that her hair is as good a napkin as any
5. rolling her eyes
6. trying to escape when you try to a)change a diaper, b)get her out of the tub, or c) put clothes on

I love me daughter but I've decided that if she's going to be delayed in movement she needs to be delayed in other areas as well -- like toddler behavior. Not so. Ok I'm grateful she's not delayed in other areas really but, you know what I mean.

Happy Birthday Chopper!

Ok this is a day late and I have no birthday pictures because I took them with my mom's camera -- which is still in Michigan of course! But yesterday was Chopper's 32nd birthday! It was nice of the country to take the day off in his honor (ha ha).

On a side note -- I found my music! It's Kidsongs, not Wee Sing Silly Songs and now that I have it, Chopper is being slowly driven crazy. Ah, parenthood.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I know it's not over yet but it's been a good one. The 3 of us drove up to Michigan to see my family. Grandma-great is visiting them from California and so up we went. We lucked out too because Mark (my brother) came over from Chicago and of course Jeff (another brother) is still there until he goes back to school in the fall. And Alma, Michigan was having it's annual Highland Festival so we got to go to a parade and the festival itself which meant lots of bapgpipe music, Highland games, and fair food! I love fair food.

We took a day up to Lake Michigan just to see. It's so large you can't see the other side and it has waves, storms, and sand, just like the ocean. My brother Jeff was all gung-ho about swimming in it since he hasn't gone swimming since his mission but after stepping into it -- he changed his mind very quickly.

My brother Mark did everything he could to help Megan love him but distracting her with a parade was the best thing. They had the Loch Ness monster, bands, candy, and these reenacters who blew up cannons along the parade route. Is that legal?

At the festival we saw the most adorable little girls doing Socttish dancing and then of course the bappipes. The main guy is hard to see but he must have been wearing the whole 9 yards, plus the big furry hat. The Scottish games were amazing -- the caber toss is where they lift up a TREE practically and then toss it. I couldn't believe they could carry these things, let alone throw them!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Music

Of course everyone knows how beneficial it is for babies and children to listen to good music. Of course the trick is to find music that is beneficial for them while not driving me crazy! Although I suppose that that is part of what goes around comes around when you become a parent. There also is that big push for playing classical music. I found the best combination of the two!

There are a series of CDs called Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along Symphonies. They literally take well known classical music and write lyrics to it. Megan and I checked out vol. 3 from the library today and I thought it was hilarious! Megan was a little less than impressed but she's that way with pretty much all music right now. They do the tracks twice, once with the lyrics and once without. But everyone needs goofy lyrics! I just wish I could find Wee Sing Silly Songs . . .

My mom also sent me a CD called Stories of Jesus. I'm going to be honest, it's not my favorite. I guess for one I expected them to be more reverent, more Primary. But that's hard to do when you have lyrics like: "And wicked old Herod went crazy and died. / And not one person missed him at all." and "Listen to good news! Hey, really good news. Good news! Good news for the good guys and the bad." or my personal favorite -- (in a song titled Sheep) "We could get eaten by a leopard. Yum! I like my mutton peppered. Ooh, we really need a shepherd! Little sheep, sheep. Helpless little sheep, sheep." It just makes me laugh really hard and I don't usually see that as the goal of a selection of music titled Stories of Jesus! Thanks mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes those are exclamation marks.

I received my first official rejection letter in the mail yesterday from Boyds Mills Press for my very short children's rhyme book -- A Mouse in Madison's House. Why is this a good thing? A) because it means I actually submitted something to be published and B) Choppper's theory is that every author is rejected 20 times before they are actually published.

So 19 more submissions to go!