Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I know it's not over yet but it's been a good one. The 3 of us drove up to Michigan to see my family. Grandma-great is visiting them from California and so up we went. We lucked out too because Mark (my brother) came over from Chicago and of course Jeff (another brother) is still there until he goes back to school in the fall. And Alma, Michigan was having it's annual Highland Festival so we got to go to a parade and the festival itself which meant lots of bapgpipe music, Highland games, and fair food! I love fair food.

We took a day up to Lake Michigan just to see. It's so large you can't see the other side and it has waves, storms, and sand, just like the ocean. My brother Jeff was all gung-ho about swimming in it since he hasn't gone swimming since his mission but after stepping into it -- he changed his mind very quickly.

My brother Mark did everything he could to help Megan love him but distracting her with a parade was the best thing. They had the Loch Ness monster, bands, candy, and these reenacters who blew up cannons along the parade route. Is that legal?

At the festival we saw the most adorable little girls doing Socttish dancing and then of course the bappipes. The main guy is hard to see but he must have been wearing the whole 9 yards, plus the big furry hat. The Scottish games were amazing -- the caber toss is where they lift up a TREE practically and then toss it. I couldn't believe they could carry these things, let alone throw them!

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