Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Fun

There is nothing better than doing fun, cheap things with your family in great weather.

But first . . . Megan loves stuffed animals. She is now going to bed with 4 or 5 a night. And she gets very excited when she sees them. Including this one: Yes, this is Yoda. I thought he would freak her out, but no. She really liked his toes.

Anyway -- yesterday Chop took the day off and we toured some friends around the Capitol and then went to the zoo. Megan was so good even though she missed her nap and was pretty tired. She loves animals and got a big kick out of the birds and bears and the tiger -- and he roared for us!

The cherry blossoms were out in full force and I was reminded again how much I LOVE DC! I wouldn't want to live there with traffic and stuff but it really is one of my favorite cities. We had such a good time. Then today we went to Chancellorsville battlefield where Stonewall Jackson was shot by his own troops (on accident) and died after the amputation of his arm (which is buried in Spotsylvania -- the arm that is) and then walked around Mary Washington again. It made me miss college a bit -- that was a really great 4 years and Mary Wash is pretty much the prettiest campus this side of wherever.

Megan is getting to the point where she wants to do things and tries to put on socks, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, shoes, etc. She's getting pretty good at it, even if the hat is closed in this one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am a Top Chef!

Back before Chopper and I got rid of cable, I really enjoyed watching Top Chef on Bravo (although it was 2nd to Project Runway ANY DAY!). As I was making Megan lunch yesterday, I realized that they really aren't as fabulous as they seem. At least a few times each season, the contestants will do a dish that is "deconstructed". In other words, the individual components have been separated and are served to be eaten one at a time. Well gosh darn, I've been doing these for months now! Yesterday Megan has burrito's -- deconstructed (rice and beans and tortilla and cheese all separate on her little tray) and for dinner, hamburgers -- deconstructed. She also has enjoyed chicken salad -- deconstructed, and plenty of sandwiches -- deconstructed.

Either the chefs aren't that advanced, or the judges don't realize that they are being served toddler food. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Grand Debut

I've debated telling this story but Chopper and my mom think it's hilarious so I suppose I should laugh about it as well.

Yesterday I did my first sharing time as the Primary President. It wasn't bad -- Easter-themed and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Plus I had a really great attention-getter for the beginning.

Part of the lesson involved pictures of the events of Christ's life and I'm walking to the board to put the first one up. Backwards. And talking at the same time. And we have a fixed podium in our primary room with a small stair step for the little little kids to stand on when they give talks, etc. And I tripped. No big deal right?

As I'm struggling to regain my balance, arms waiving and everything, I try to reposition my feet. Only I reposition on the edge of the stair and just pretty much go head over heels. I hear a collective gasp from 30 children ages 4-8, 5 teachers, a pianist, and a choristor as I go down. I jump up and say "I'm ok!" But I wasn't. I'm pretty sure our pianist and choristor (who is male) got a good look under my skirt. I don't think the kids did since I was behind the podium . . . Well at least it can't get any worse than that. And nothing was hurt except my pride -- and that probably needed to be taken down a notch after the Megan Easter pictures. I just didn't know it would happen so literally!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes, I know . . .

I have pretty much the cutest girl in the universe. See Grandma, she loves the sunglasses! I took her on a "photo shoot" to Chopper's parents today in her Easter dress because it was 70 degrees out. Tomorrow: rain. Sunday: cold. Plus, they have some really beautiful flowers. But, Megan wanted no part of the flowers -- I had to post a few where she is attempting to eat the dirt, leaves, twigs, and oh yes, the balls from a sweet gum tree -- and they are not sweet, they are spiky. I think it started as "what does this taste like" and became "how fast will mom take it away from me" because she literally would go slow until I took it away from her and one time she actually held it to her mouth while I took the picture and THEN tried to eat it. But she loved the dirt!