Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's the little things

We have some special events coming up so I'm trying to get the girls to put their game faces on.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

 I love this picture of Megan but she looks so grown-up to me here!
 Today we tried to go to the zoo for bug-fest (I know you're shocked, but they had some neat stuff going on).  When we got there (well almost there anyway), the HIGHWAY was backed up with people trying to get to the zoo.  So I turned around and we went to the park instead.  The girls had a good time . . . 
 Except Abby kept yelling at me for taking away her "toys" (sticks and dirt that was going right into the mouth).  But look at those teeth!  She has 4 good sized ones front and center top and bottom and they've pretty much all come in at once.  And they are sharp -- trust me.
 We've been working on getting Abby to feed herself.  As of yesterday -- we have success!  What a way to celebrate 10 months old!  Cheerios all by yourself!  Still not crawling but she is scooting herself around slowly but surely to get what she wants.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Our provident living specialist in our ward is absolutely amazing.  Between her and this wonderful website, I finally feel like we are on our way to getting our food storage going.  And that is a very good feeling.

But she does a lot more than just food storage.  She also knows a lot about how to go about buying bulk foods in the area.  It's a fantastic money saver if I can just find the space to do it all.  I suppose it will come in time.  Meanwhile, I took advantage of one thing today and am hooked.  Bountiful Baskets.  I'm not sure how the whole thing works behind the scenes but it more or less is a co-op where you pay a set price that goes in to buying bulk fruits and vegetables.  Then on a specific day and time, you pick up your portion.  You don't know what you're going to get but it is definitely worth it -- $16.50 every 2 weeks for 6 different fruits and 6 different vegetables.  And that's not total -- that's type.
In addition to pretty much all the fruit you see here, today we got lettuce, celery, asparagus, yellow squash, potatoes, and cucumbers.  Oh and tomatoes.  I am very very excited.  In fact, I need to see if I can freeze or dry the celery because I have two big bunches and we just don't eat it that often.  But it's nice to have around.

If you live in an area where they do this -- I'm recommending it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My girls

I haven't posted in a week but honestly, there's nothing really exciting going on in our lives at the moment.  We're all trying to survive the 2nd (or maybe it's 3rd) round of colds this season and I haven't felt like leaving the house or keeping up with the house!  And now that I look at these pictures, Megan to me really does look sick.  That and she desperately needs a haircut.  The crown (which she wears 24/7) kind've flattens her bangs down but I think a trip to supercuts or wherever is definitely in order.
 Whoops!  I haven't posted these yet -- Chopper refinished our coffee table to match the new TV console.  That saves us a lot of money and it looks great!  Now we just need to get rid of the old entertainment center but haven't had any takers.

 I know it's hard to see here but you need to notice something (other than my messy living room).  Chopper doesn't believe in cell memory but both of my girls are sucking their right thumb and holding on to their left hand at the same time.  Megan rubs the palm of her hand while she sucks, Abby still holds on but she can't feed herself Cheerios either so I'm assuming she'll get there.  I was a thumb sucker for sure but can't remember what I did with my other hand but still -- it's funny how they do the exact same thing.
 Since we're all sick, we've been vegging out with movies all day -- this is The Lion King that has the girls so engrossed.
 Ok they're not really cuddling, Abby is falling over all the time (on purpose) and I used Megan to prop her up.  But it looks very sweet.
See what I mean about looking sick and the hair?  My poor girl.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow, snow, snow, snow!

I missed it at Christmas believe it or not.  But never fear!  The snow is here!
Look at the piddly little inch with the grass peeking out on the edges!  This caused a 2-hour delay I'll have you know.  The girls and I were out at 9 a.m. and as we drove by the elementary school, we noticed there were no cars in the parking lot!  Kind've funny too when a good portion of the kids walk to school . . . maybe they have to delay because no one in Texas owns a coat!

Actually, all of this came down on Sunday -- I just haven't posted until now -- laziness, not busyness.  But when we got into the car to go home from church (in the snow), Megan said "we're going to have Christmas!"  It definitely felt that way.

Oh and Abby is still spitting. Just in case you were worried.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


You have to understand how ecstatic I am about this.  I've been letting it all go telling myself that when she's ready, she'll do it.  And she did!  I don't know if it will continue or will be an isolated incident but I am over the moon that she did it where she has absolutely refused to even sit on the potty for the longest time!  I am one very proud mommy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It all happens at once.

Either that or I just forget to post!  So where do I start?  How about happy birthday to me!  I blog about everyone else's birthday so why not.

Actually, I just want to say that I love birthdays -- even this close to Christmas.  Everyone in my family (except Mark) remembered to call and some of them even sang!  Liam, at just 5 months, wrote me a card and posted pictures of it on his blog (thanks Danny and Denise), and -- most importantly -- I had a wonderful birthday with my fabulous husband and incredible girls!
Chopper has been bringing me little presents all week: flowers, a chick flick with back scratching (Chopper, not the movie), quilt magazines, a bag of tamales (he knows just what I like!), and then last night we celebrated as a family with cake and ice cream and more presents! 
 I finally have a double-boiler and so I took advantage and made my mom's cooked frosting -- I love this stuff!  It's really simple to make but you do need the double-boiler and I particularly love that it is light and not overly sweet like the store-bought frostings.
 And it makes a beautiful cupcake!
I am not uploading the other picture of me because it's even worse than this one.  I did not do 31 candles -- it's the roman numerals 3 and 1 (which actually isn't the right way to do 31 . . . so much for Latin class . . .)

Chopper has been working on a furniture refinishing project.  I saw this console sitting in a yard down the street several weeks ago and since it sat there for a few days I figured it wasn't something they wanted.  Chopper went down and asked the people what they were doing with it and they told us to take it.  So we did!  It is a nice solid piece of furniture but was painted a butter yellow done in the shabby chic style which we didn't love, so he set out on the task to strip and refinish and he did a wonderful job.
 We didn't get a true before picture -- the drawers have already been done here.
 These two give you a better picture of the color and finish.  It's not bad -- just not our style or color choice.

 And this is the finished piece!  It turned out so beautifully and perfectly houses the new TV.  Yeah, we got a new one.  The one we had (still have really) is an 18" box that was supposed to be temporary 2 years ago.  We've held off on buying another tv partly because we knew we would have to get a new entertainment center or console as well (ours only holds box tv's) and we didn't have the money for it all.  So when this one came home the first thing Chopper said was, we're going to have to get a new tv!  We should've put the old one on there and taken a picture . . . 

It's a lot of tv to look at when you're only used to 18" by the way.  My eyes needed to adjust actually!  We may never go to the theater again -- ok there are certain things you still have to see in the theater but I'm not kidding when I say watching our movies is like seeing them for the first time.  You can actually read any translations in the movie and see the details!

Finally, Megan is an avid reader.  I frequently find her "reading" her books when I'm busy with other things.  The first video is just finding her in her tent.  The second is her "reading" one of her Critter books.  When she reads, the story often involves pieces of other books we've been reading together, parts of movies she's watched, even songs we sing or things we talk about around the house.  It's a lot of fun for me to listen in.  This year I'm going to start her on letters and sounds and words and while I'm excited for the world of reading to really open up, part of me doesn't want to destroy this world of make-believe that she reads for herself out of books.  I hope that it continues in other ways.

I think that's all folks!