Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My girls

I haven't posted in a week but honestly, there's nothing really exciting going on in our lives at the moment.  We're all trying to survive the 2nd (or maybe it's 3rd) round of colds this season and I haven't felt like leaving the house or keeping up with the house!  And now that I look at these pictures, Megan to me really does look sick.  That and she desperately needs a haircut.  The crown (which she wears 24/7) kind've flattens her bangs down but I think a trip to supercuts or wherever is definitely in order.
 Whoops!  I haven't posted these yet -- Chopper refinished our coffee table to match the new TV console.  That saves us a lot of money and it looks great!  Now we just need to get rid of the old entertainment center but haven't had any takers.

 I know it's hard to see here but you need to notice something (other than my messy living room).  Chopper doesn't believe in cell memory but both of my girls are sucking their right thumb and holding on to their left hand at the same time.  Megan rubs the palm of her hand while she sucks, Abby still holds on but she can't feed herself Cheerios either so I'm assuming she'll get there.  I was a thumb sucker for sure but can't remember what I did with my other hand but still -- it's funny how they do the exact same thing.
 Since we're all sick, we've been vegging out with movies all day -- this is The Lion King that has the girls so engrossed.
 Ok they're not really cuddling, Abby is falling over all the time (on purpose) and I used Megan to prop her up.  But it looks very sweet.
See what I mean about looking sick and the hair?  My poor girl.

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