Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's the little things

We have some special events coming up so I'm trying to get the girls to put their game faces on.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

 I love this picture of Megan but she looks so grown-up to me here!
 Today we tried to go to the zoo for bug-fest (I know you're shocked, but they had some neat stuff going on).  When we got there (well almost there anyway), the HIGHWAY was backed up with people trying to get to the zoo.  So I turned around and we went to the park instead.  The girls had a good time . . . 
 Except Abby kept yelling at me for taking away her "toys" (sticks and dirt that was going right into the mouth).  But look at those teeth!  She has 4 good sized ones front and center top and bottom and they've pretty much all come in at once.  And they are sharp -- trust me.
 We've been working on getting Abby to feed herself.  As of yesterday -- we have success!  What a way to celebrate 10 months old!  Cheerios all by yourself!  Still not crawling but she is scooting herself around slowly but surely to get what she wants.

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Gary Shirley Ann Aston Family Blog said...

Kristy, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing...your girls are adorable. It always makes me smile to read about your little family. Love, Aunt Shirley Ann