Thursday, February 3, 2011

Storm of the Year

I don't have any pictures because if you look out the windows at what's on the ground, you'll laugh me right out of the blogosphere.  There's barely an inch on the ground but we have been housebound for going on 3 days now and the Dallas/Fort Worth area is counting the hours that we've been below freezing.  Currently we're around 52 hours.

It's amazing what qualifies as extreme weather here.

Not that this is a piddly little storm and we're running circles around it after living in Idaho and Montana.  No, the roads are solid sheets of ice because we have no snow equipment to scrape and what we did borrow from the Texas panhandle has been focusing on major highways but not using ice.  Just sand.  Doesn't do much when your temperatures are in the teens.  Plus, our entire area is pretty much all electric.  We've had rolling blackouts since yesterday because a few major power stations were thrown off-line by the storm.  We've been very blessed to just have intermittent blackouts of about 15 minutes each but other areas have been pretty hard hit.

Not the Dallas Cowboys stadium area though.  They have a point -- there are too many people to have a blackout -- it would probably cause a lot of dangerous panic.  But it's a little irritating to watch on the news the reporting on all the Super Bowl parties that are going on while regular people are cold in their homes.

We're supposed to get some more snow tomorrow night. -- come to think of it, we had that major snowstorm in Virginia last year right on Megan's birthday too!  Well I guess we know when to be prepared then!

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