Saturday, February 5, 2011

Party Weekend Begins!

We did Megan's birthday a day early this year so we could do a middle of the day celebration.  That works a lot better for us at this age than after dinner.  Chopper and I set up her presents on the fireplace for her to see when she woke up.  Doesn't she look excited about them?
 This is the look when I TELL Megan to smile for me to take a picture.  When I demonstrate rather than just tell her, I get this:
 Why does she tilt her head?  I tilt my head so she can see the smile behind the camera.  But it's cute.  A few of her presents weren't entirely wrapped so she got those right off the bat.  One was a feather boa in a bag which Megan was very excited about "the fluffy in the teeny tiny bag"
 And kept it near her during breakfast (in the bottom corner).  But when we pulled the fluffy out of the bag . . . 
 Whoops -- hi Abby!
 She DID NOT want to wear it.  So Chopper demonstrated for her.  It didn't help.  She still loves it in the bag, not around her shoulders.
 After breakfast and getting dressed, we made her cupcakes and then went ahead and opened presents before lunch.  I couldn't wait any longer.
 Megan did better with opening presents but it still took a while because she wanted to play with each thing as it was opened.  I think that's probably a cue to me to buy less presents . . . 
 Her princess cups 
 The ipod from Grandma and Grandpa -- that sounds worse than it is but it's a little music player that plays a set of kids songs and is DESIGNED to look like an ipod.  It's not really one -- the grandparents don't spoil her THAT much!  Abby really liked it too . . .
 The princess paper doll -- only it's not paper, it's wooden with magnetized clothing.  It's a Melissa and Doug product and it's awesome!  I wanted to play with it!  And Megan has played with it more than anything else.  We went out this afternoon (after 5 days in the house!) and she was asking to go home and get her "princess girl".

 I put together a box of dress-ups that included this great set of princess shoes on clearance at the Disney store.  They have little heels and lights when you walk and she has worn them all day.  
 That and her tutu.  Amazing what a little tulle and elastic can do.  When we first put the shoes on, she wouldn't walk, not that I blame her.  Heels are hard!  And I don't really go for heels for little girls, but try to find princess shoes without them!  She finally got the hang of it after Chopper helped her around a little bit but there has been no race car running in our house today (her latest thing is to run back and forth and tell us she's a race car.  She watches Cars way too much).  Just little princess steps in her shoes.

 So these are her butterfly cupcakes -- idea courtesy of FamilyFum magazine.  Sorry to say, I will not be doing them again.  They were messy to make and easy to break -- they're just candy melts so I shouldn't have been surprised.  I made just enough for the birthday girl and that's it!

 Megan is still not a fan of he birthday singing and the candles.  Not sure why . . .
 Chopper had to blow out her candles for her and this was her reaction when he did.
 But then she wants to lick the candles off and of course, eat the cupcakes.  You are correct when you assume that this is the only thing she ate pretty much all day.  Well, you only turn 3 once right?
 More princess stuff from her dress-up box -- costume picked up at Target after Halloween for a great deal.
We really enjoyed the day.  I really enjoyed the day!  I love her girly-girl-ness but I really love that we know what she likes and can watch her light up.  There are frustrating times of course but the older she gets, the better she gets!

I tried to get some videos of Megan through the day but she was so focused on playing with new toys that she would barely talk to me.  But I got a few cute things!


Alicia said...

So adorable. I love her complete sentences! She is just too cute. Happy Birthday!

Denise Gasser said...

Stop being such a cute family, it's stressing me out! Does this mean I am going to have to be this cute with my kids someday?