Friday, February 4, 2011

So Grandma Won't be Sad . . . .

Apparently I am just not updating enough -- especially with video.  It is fun to watch the girls do their funny little things though and I have wished on more than one occasion that I had some kind of glasses that could record the little spur-of-the-moment things that I love -- but I don't.

So this video gets a pretty good look at Abby moving around.  She really is inching her way to where she wants to go -- and that usually means that there is something on the floor she's not supposed to have.  I think that any day now she'll figure out it's faster if she'll coordinate into a crawl but for now, inching and reaching does seem to work.

Megan is so funny in her speech and the way she talks about things.  We've had some really good snow here as of 12 hours ago and I thought it might be fun to play with it rather than play in it.  We did go out in it, but the cold and the snowsuit hamper things a little bit so I brought some inside and Megan got a big kick out of making snowballs and putting the babies with their mommies and I think there's something in there about a walking, talking snowman . . .

And then there's the raspberry competition:

I've tried to take a few more pictures too of my funny girls and their funny faces: 
 This is Abby's scrunch face -- it usually happens when she's complaining but sometimes she'll do it just for fun too.  Look at those teeth!
 One of Megan's favorite things in the world is for Chopper to "have both my girls".  And that's how she says it -- "can daddy have both his girls?"  He's a lot better at holding them both than I am and usually it ends with Megan getting dropped on the couch -- which she loves.  Whenever Megan wears this shirt, she has to have the "hat" up.
 Megan has three pairs of pajamas.  Depending on what she is wearing she is either a mermaid, a flower girl, or a super star girl.  And yes she runs out of the bathroom after her bath saying "Megan's a super star girl!"  It's really cute actually.  She's gotten really funny about her clothing choices.  The day after laundry is done and all her clothes are clean, she will without fail pick the blue shirt, blue pants, and blue socks.  She loves to be all blue.  Then the day after that is usually the purple pants and shirt, and the day after that is pink.  After that, she doesn't have enough clothes of similar colors so darn it, we have to coordinate instead.  We're very monochromatic in this house.
 This is the snowsuit that Megan got from Grandma last year.  It's a 24-month size -- and it still fits with room to spare!
 We've gotten a few inches of snow this morning and our wonderful winter weather continues.  We played outside for a little bit but it turned into mommy carrying Megan so it didn't last long!
 This is a very impressive amount for Dallas!  All the Steelers and Packers fans here in town for the SuperBowl are upset that the weather is just like their hometowns and not warm and balmy.  Apparently the average temperature this time of year is 57 degrees and about 10 years ago was their record high of 85.

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