Saturday, January 31, 2015

All About William

No pictures -- sorry.  But Wednesday was an awesome William day and it needs to be recorded.

We've had some really fantastic warm weather so Wednesday morning I pulled out his "Cars" t-shirt that my mom sent him for Christmas.  He's actually become occasionally picky about what he wears.  He likes his shirts to have trains, cars, balls, something boy on them.  You should have seen his face light up when I showed him the shirt he was going to wear with not just Lightening McQueen on it, but FIVE Cars characters.  

Then at breakfast I opened a new bottle of kids vitamins and they are all shaped like Mickey Mouse heads.  Now, he loves vitamins anyway, probably because they seem like candy, but he spent a good ten minutes yelling (because he's excited so he yells) "mou ead" over and over.  (Mouse head in William speak of course).

When we took Megan to school we parked in the back and walked in.  Our favorite teacher, Mrs. Sutherland who does art, monitors the cross walk in the back and when we got out of the car he took off down the sidewalk and gave her a HUGE hug.  So did Abby and Megan.  But he was first and it was adorable.

Because of the awesome weather, we took scooters to "the spiderweb park" and played for a long time with friends.  He's really climbing playground equipment, loves the swing, and loves going UP the slides.  Oh and he loves to scooter.  And he's good at it!!

After lunch and naps we walked to school to pick Megan up and then stopped at the playground on our way home to play with some friends who live down the street from us.  They have an amazing chocolate lab who is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  William would name her body points and do a little hop jump and grin when he got them right.  Then he took his blanket (his ree) and put the corner on his nose (which is what he does) and then fished out another corner and put it on Dakota's nose (the dog).  It was the sweetest thing ever.  He's never shared his ree before!!

It was just a good day for a sweet boy!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Missing Camera Again

So this time the camera is missing but I found the data card.  Not a good thing really but I was able to download our pictures!

Chopper made apple swans for the girls for snacks one night.  Both of the girls must be growing, or at least they're finally done being picky.  Ok mostly picky.  But they want food all the time.  I feed them I promise!!  But I'm really posting the pictures because Megan is being cheesy for the camera and Abby has a great smile and I don't always get great pictures like this!

We spent a glorious Martin Luther King Day at the zoo!  It was William's first time (ok he went to the zoo when he was a month old -- and what in the world possessed me to go to the zoo on dollar day with a 4 year old and a 2 year old and a newborn is beyond me -- but that's a different story) and he loved the animals and the freedom to run and the statues to climb on!  He was very upset that we didn't ride the train but pacified when we rode the carousel.

I've realized that I have a post or two every year where I rave about the awesomeness of Dallas in the winter (and probably a few where I complain about the torture of Dallas summer) but I really do love having days where we can play outside without even jackets!!  This was one of those and so the zoo was pretty busy but we had a great time. 

All my monkeys.  Ha!

One area is set aside with picnic tables, etc. but had a massive amount of dry, dead leaves -- perfect for a leaf fight!!  I should post some of the pictures from my camera though because I have some great leaf-throwing ones there.

January is almost over and we're doing well.  We've stepped up our scripture study and prayer as a family and have not done Family Home Evening but I have a plan for February!  If it works, I'll post about it.  Both girls had parent / teacher conferences and both are doing well.  Megan is still making straight A's and is making progress with her anxiety and socially.  Abby is doing well academically but we really need to find a way to get her to stop sucking her thumb before kindergarten.  And I know from experience that it will be a hurdle to jump!  William talks more and more, still not too intelligible but he's doing it.  It seems like there was a funny story I wanted to share.  I need to have a month where I blog every day about funny things they say because there will come a day that I won't remember them.

Oh Abby cut her hair.  It's my fault actually.  She had one long piece hanging down in her bangs and asked me if she could cut it.  I said yes.  I KNOW.  For some reason in my head I thought she would snip it and move on -- like I would.  Right.  So after about 4 or 5 snips, I told her that was enough (in kind've a panicky voice) and sure enough, she's got some pretty short pieces.  Good news is that you can't tell because they blend in -- she didn't get the whole section, just the top layer.  Bad news is that now you know what kind of mother I am.  Ridiculous.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Best Birthday Ever!

Normally for my birthday I'm very happy just celebrating at home with dinner and dessert and maybe a weekend date with Chopper.  Oh I do also get a Saturday to shop without kids -- like a whole day, not just a run to the store kind of thing.  

This year though I have been itching to have a party!!  We all throw fantastic parties for our kids -- why not ourselves?  And I'm 35 this year which feels big!  Not old -- I still don't feel old -- but it's weird to think I'm already 35.  I swear I was graduating from college and getting married like a week ago.

So then of course the big question becomes theme and because I love all things British and tea party and such I had to do a Downton Abbey theme!  It was so fun!

Ok first the pictures from my ACTUAL birthday on Tuesday.

I didn't want a cake (knowing how much stuff I would have for the party Friday) and Chopper suggested creme brulee!  The kids don't actually like it all that much.  They eat all the berries and then then crunchy layer of crystallized sugar on top and that's about it but making it at home is cheap and easy so I'm not going to complain! 

This little turkey:
I sit next to him at dinner because he's an extreme mommy's boy and throws a fit about half the time if I don't.  Everyone's singing "Happy Birthday" and in the middle of the last line he leans over and blows out my candle and starts clapping!!  He was so proud of himself.  Lesson learned though -- hold him back when the girls have their birthdays because they will not be happy about that!

group shot!

Ok party.  I got LUCKY and found a dress and shoes at a thrift shop for $5 each!!!  I added some length to the dress and bought opera length gloves and a lot of sparkly jewelry at Sam Moon (a lot).  Chopper rented a tux jacket (with tails) from a costume shop and we were Lord and Lady White Acre for the night!

Apparently the lighting in my dining room is atrocious and all the pictures are weird colors.  

See those shoes????? I'm not normally a shoe fanatic but t-strap shoes (very 20s) in my size for $5 is something worth celebrating!  On another note, they are the tallest shoes I own so now my feet hurt!
My fabulous friends that dressed up too!  We had a great turnout actually -- most people just didn't dress up!

 The spread.  We were dressed for dinner but ate like it was tea -- shortbread, pound cake, sandwiches, scones with lemon curd (divine!) and blackcurrant jam.  Tea of course.

My mantle with our January snowflake garland.  I've decided my mantle is my place to decorate for holidays and stuff.  Small, easy, and festive! 

Goody bags to take home -- just tea bags and cookies but very cute.

Yeah it was fun.  I'll have to do another one for 40!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Yes I Made Goals

This post probably counts as one of Chopper's "that's too much about you, Kristy" posts but oh well.  I need to document in order to maintain accountability right?  Actually I bought a dollar calendar from Target (get them now before they take them off the shelves!  Seriously!) so that every day I can mark if I have met my goals.  That's my accountability.

So goal #1:
Read scriptures and say prayers every day.  Harder than it should be.

Goal #2: 
Appreciate my friends more -- in particular recognize birthdays with more than just a Facebook shoutout.  I have amazing friends who have done so much for me this past year and I feel like I should but some extra effort into recognizing them.  Birthdays are a great way to do that.

Goal #3:
Family Home Evening every week.  Yeah that could be Mount Everest for me.

Goal #4:
This one has become a goal really just these past few days -- figure out how to make myself a business but keep it still more of a hobby.  Today that involved figuring out (or trying to) whether or not I need a license, what kind, and what the heck the stupid website is saying to me.  Which leads me to . . . 

Goal #5:
Learn business language.  Not fluency necessarily, just enough to get by.  Considering that I've never taken a business course and that I got C's in Economics in college (yeah that's a shocker there) and dropped statistics once and then fumbled my way through it the second time, this could be worse than Mount Everest for me.

Goal #6:
Do something with my children every day.  Right there I sound like a bad mom.  But I do often get caught up in other things and although I'm spending time with them, I'm not spending "time."  It's more of getting the activity out and letting them go for it.  Today I read stories.  LOTS of stories.  And played a board game with the girls while William napped.  And it was good.  Very very good.

I think that's it -- but seriously I am writing everything down every day so that hopefully by the end of the year I have a calendar full of what I've accomplished.

On a side note, my birthday is next Tuesday and tomorrow is my traditional birthday shopping Saturday.  So so excited.  Especially since I am throwing myself a Downton Abbey tea party to celebrate next weekend.  Yeah, throwing myself a party.  I don't normally do that but this year I guess 35 called for a major celebration.  And I am so stinking excited!