Saturday, January 31, 2015

All About William

No pictures -- sorry.  But Wednesday was an awesome William day and it needs to be recorded.

We've had some really fantastic warm weather so Wednesday morning I pulled out his "Cars" t-shirt that my mom sent him for Christmas.  He's actually become occasionally picky about what he wears.  He likes his shirts to have trains, cars, balls, something boy on them.  You should have seen his face light up when I showed him the shirt he was going to wear with not just Lightening McQueen on it, but FIVE Cars characters.  

Then at breakfast I opened a new bottle of kids vitamins and they are all shaped like Mickey Mouse heads.  Now, he loves vitamins anyway, probably because they seem like candy, but he spent a good ten minutes yelling (because he's excited so he yells) "mou ead" over and over.  (Mouse head in William speak of course).

When we took Megan to school we parked in the back and walked in.  Our favorite teacher, Mrs. Sutherland who does art, monitors the cross walk in the back and when we got out of the car he took off down the sidewalk and gave her a HUGE hug.  So did Abby and Megan.  But he was first and it was adorable.

Because of the awesome weather, we took scooters to "the spiderweb park" and played for a long time with friends.  He's really climbing playground equipment, loves the swing, and loves going UP the slides.  Oh and he loves to scooter.  And he's good at it!!

After lunch and naps we walked to school to pick Megan up and then stopped at the playground on our way home to play with some friends who live down the street from us.  They have an amazing chocolate lab who is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  William would name her body points and do a little hop jump and grin when he got them right.  Then he took his blanket (his ree) and put the corner on his nose (which is what he does) and then fished out another corner and put it on Dakota's nose (the dog).  It was the sweetest thing ever.  He's never shared his ree before!!

It was just a good day for a sweet boy!

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