Friday, January 2, 2015

Yes I Made Goals

This post probably counts as one of Chopper's "that's too much about you, Kristy" posts but oh well.  I need to document in order to maintain accountability right?  Actually I bought a dollar calendar from Target (get them now before they take them off the shelves!  Seriously!) so that every day I can mark if I have met my goals.  That's my accountability.

So goal #1:
Read scriptures and say prayers every day.  Harder than it should be.

Goal #2: 
Appreciate my friends more -- in particular recognize birthdays with more than just a Facebook shoutout.  I have amazing friends who have done so much for me this past year and I feel like I should but some extra effort into recognizing them.  Birthdays are a great way to do that.

Goal #3:
Family Home Evening every week.  Yeah that could be Mount Everest for me.

Goal #4:
This one has become a goal really just these past few days -- figure out how to make myself a business but keep it still more of a hobby.  Today that involved figuring out (or trying to) whether or not I need a license, what kind, and what the heck the stupid website is saying to me.  Which leads me to . . . 

Goal #5:
Learn business language.  Not fluency necessarily, just enough to get by.  Considering that I've never taken a business course and that I got C's in Economics in college (yeah that's a shocker there) and dropped statistics once and then fumbled my way through it the second time, this could be worse than Mount Everest for me.

Goal #6:
Do something with my children every day.  Right there I sound like a bad mom.  But I do often get caught up in other things and although I'm spending time with them, I'm not spending "time."  It's more of getting the activity out and letting them go for it.  Today I read stories.  LOTS of stories.  And played a board game with the girls while William napped.  And it was good.  Very very good.

I think that's it -- but seriously I am writing everything down every day so that hopefully by the end of the year I have a calendar full of what I've accomplished.

On a side note, my birthday is next Tuesday and tomorrow is my traditional birthday shopping Saturday.  So so excited.  Especially since I am throwing myself a Downton Abbey tea party to celebrate next weekend.  Yeah, throwing myself a party.  I don't normally do that but this year I guess 35 called for a major celebration.  And I am so stinking excited!

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Alicia said...

I wish I lived closer. That party sounds awesome. And happy birthday a little early! Hope it is a great one. By the way, I agree that your goals are hard. Way to go for setting the bar high. You can do it!