Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Abby's Baptism!

The main reason I've waited so long to blog about Abby's baptism is that a friend who is a fabulous photographer took beautiful pictures - much better than mine!  And I wanted to post those!

Originally Abby wanted to be baptized in the lake (a lot of our ward kids are) but the lake is always so cold that we kind've talked her out of it. Our building doesn't have a font but there is a chapel on base that does and before her birthday, another child in the ward was baptized there. She loved the stained glass windows and the fact that the water was warm so she changed her mind!  She was baptized with another girl from our ward and so we had two beautiful girls baptized on April 21st!  Abby wasn't nervous at all!
The week before we went out and did a little photo shoot of our own for a picture to put on the program. We've had beautiful spring weather and everything is amazingly in bloom although she didn't want to get too close to this tree because it was full of bees in the blossoms.
This is in our yard - our tulips have been fantastic this year and a forsythia never disappoints.

The day of the baptism was also gorgeous. 

We had to get the picture of them both dressed in white. Chopper chose a jumpsuit from the very limited selection at church and quite frankly, he looked like Elvis (which I suppose is appropriate since our building was once a bar that Elvis sang in).

So he had to give a little post too with Abby as his adoring fan.

After the baptism Meg (my friend) took some beautiful shots of the family and the treats that we served outside.  It was an absolutely lovely day!

My absolute favorite picture - look at my gorgeous girl! I can't believe she's EIGHT!

Such a good family picture!  Of course it has something to do with the fact that I told the kids that if they didn't smile they would not get any cookies.  Clearly that worked. But I love those smiles - especially Williams.  I asked Abby why she doesn't smile with her mouth open for pictures. She says she doesn't like the way her teeth look right now. I can sympathize with that!

We are very proud of our Abby-doodles. She is a light and a joy to all around her and we're excited that she has chosen to be baptized and to follow the Lord. We are blessed with a wonderful daughter who is making wonderful choices in life!!