Saturday, July 23, 2011

No way!!!!

Ok I'll get to that part in a minute.  Today to celebrate Pioneer Day, our stake had a pie-o-neer celebration (haha) with games and pie eating.  It was a lot of fun!  We took one of Megan's friends along so that his parents could hold a garage sale with one less thing to worry about.
So excited!  We had all three kids sitting across the middle seat and the first 10 minutes was fun and games and then it became too much touching and poking and general unhappiness.  I'm very glad I don't have to go on a long trip with Megan and Abby right next to each other!

 This picture just struck me as funny because it was exactly the same except on the night setting.  Apparently, Megan is as white as the moon and that's why she shines so much.  That poor girl has inherited my skin . . . 

 Yay!  Facing forward finally!  Abby is much happier.

 Zach liked holding Megan's hand which was cute but then when the hugs started, Chopper's daddy antenna started going off.

 There was cotton candy and popcorn and face painting.  Megan actually held still for this -- you know why?
 Because she got a rainbow and kept telling me, "I'm Rainbow Dash!"  She loves My Little Pony right now.

We ate pie.  Mine didn't win but it sure tasted good.  Abby actually only had a few bites and Zach ate whatever he could get his hands on.  Yes, we returned him to his parents properly sugared up!

So this is the "no way" part.  I'm standing in the cultural hall watching the kids play and just seeing who's there from my ward that I know when I see this Elder standing over there . . . 
I taught this kid as a freshman!!!  How old am I????  He was not this tall when I taught him though but generally looks the same.  He told his companion I was the teacher who got mad at him for bringing a pillow to class.  He's right -- only because he used that pillow to go to sleep in my class!  Actually, he was one of my good ones but I was very surprised to see him because first --what are the odds (he's not serving in my ward but is in another ward in my stake) after all the places I've lived to have that happen and the Dallas mission stretches from south of Dallas out to the Louisiana and Oklahoma state lines; and second, my freshmen will probably always be 14 in my eyes so it was just weird to see him as a missionary.  And I remembered his full name!  He couldn't believe that.  He said he's been out about 8 months so he's at least 19, probably 20.  Where does the time go?  It was fun to talk to him.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now I'm A Mom

Child #2 (that would be Abby) is now taking steps on her own and without bribery!  Now cousin Liam can finally stop gloating!!!!

Yes Grandpa, that is a volcano on her head.  But you will be happy to know that we do not go out in public like this, it's just because it's the only way I can keep her hair out of her face and I need her to concentrate on walking!

But that's not what finally makes me a mom.  I love Megan, I really do, but we've had a total change in lifestyle since Abby became mobile that never happened with Megan.  Our lives now include the following "modifications":
Trash cans have been placed in an unreachable area.
Toilet lids are closed and bathroom doors are closed.
If I don't want it climbed on, anything that gives Abby an extra INCH of height must be removed -- pillows cannot be on the floor by the coffee table and as of last night the bathroom stool has to leave the bathroom while Megan is in the tub -- Abby fell in (and was fine, I was sitting right there) while trying to reach the bubbles.
My purse now goes up high.
My pantry is in a constant state of disaster from where she's gone in and emptied what she can reach (she likes to sit in boxes), and whined about what she can't.
Toys now migrate to every area of the house.

Need I go on?  Yes I know, these are normal baby-toddler behaviors.  But they did not occur with Megan. It's a whole new ball game now.

In other news, I've been busy putting things together for a trip and have been experimenting with pie for our Stake Pie-o-neer Day Celebration (haha).  The result?  A little bit dry apple pie and not the prettiest but kind've good.  Next on the list, lemon meringue.  Mmmmmm.

Megan really liked painting rocks the other day.  Her art skills are getting really good.

 This is just a giant dragonfly that was sitting outside our window today (on which the blinds have been raised partway so that Abby doesn't play with them . . .).

And another ridiculous volcano shot just for Grandpa because we know how much he loves them.  We promise no volcanoes when we come to visit!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a Few Things

Abby finally took some steps today!  The bribery?  Me!  I was cruel I guess because she was whining and chasing me down and so I stood her up, started her walking, and then scooted away.  She took about 3 steps before falling into my arms.  Does that count?  We tried again later with M&Ms and got one or two controlled steps out of her.  I guess I'm kind've pushing her to walk BEFORE we get to Grandma's house!

Her vocabulary is getting better as well.  Today she crawled to the fridge and said "milk" (well, not quite that clearly).  So add that to cracker, dada, ball, and clock and we've got a girl who mostly still whines to get what she wants.  But we love her!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just an Ordinary Life

I realized it's been over a week since I've posted but we haven't done anything big so I guess just the ordinary update is in order.

 We are a cookie loving family!  I've had to make them twice in the past week (oh darn) for various reasons and Chopper and the girls have been very happy about that.

 Those fat cheeks are full of cookie and yet she's still eyeing what Megan has left.

 Megan has hit a really big coloring phase.  And look how good she's doing!  This morning I thought she slept in, so I took my shower and took my time and while I was getting dressed she finally came in and told me, "Mommy I've been coloring for a while."  Hey I'll take it if it means a few more minutes of sleep!

We've been preparing for vacation and since it involves 20 hours up and 20 hours back (just me and the girls -- Chopper is staying home) I've been hitting all my favorite places looking for cheap books and DVD's to entertain the girls on the drive.  Today at one of thrift stores I found this:
 $34.00  Good deal right?  I thought so.  But them when the lady rang it up, apparently today was 50% off on all toys and this was labeled as a toy.  So, 1 plastic outdoor house for $17.50?  Well worth the money -- and then some.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Ahh, the 4th of July!  There's no holiday quite like it.  I love that it's so relaxed and celebratory.  A lot of other holidays have a lot of stress associated with them in the preparation, but not this one!

We kept it really low key this year.  On Saturday while Chopper was at Scout camp, I took the girls and joined some friends for a parade in their "town".  It was about 10 minutes long and maybe a hundred people in attendance -- perfect for the girls (and I liked it to!).  There was candy throwing, stuffed animal throwing (you think I'm kidding), free food, fun at the park (Megan actually went down the slide -- GASP), and sweat covering every inch of my body.  At 10 a.m.  Welcome to Texas.

Since Chopper had my camera at Scout camp (with extremely strict orders not to let any scouts touch it or let it get eaten by raccoons), Aidan wonderfully sent me these cute pictures she took of the girls.  She has a great perspective, I just might have to hire her!

Today, we started off by going to the pool!  Our neighborhood pool has been under construction for several months for a reason I don't really understand but that warranted tearing the entire thing out and starting over.  I'm kind've glad now that they did!  It's a nice pool with a shallow toddler area and goes 4 feet at the max.  Chopper wanted it to be deeper but I like it because it prevents too many jumpers and divers and bigger kids because it's not fun enough for them -- but safer for us.  It took a little time for the girls to both get used to the water and the idea but after being there for an hour, they didn't want to leave.
Oh yeah, Megan is sitting in a ring, wearing water wings, and carrying a pool noodle.  No way this girl is going under water!

After lunch and nap, Chopper fired up the grill (of course -- that man is so proud of his grill)
 and we had hot dogs, teriyaki kabobs, chips, watermelon "on the rind" (Megan's favorite) and pink, white, and blue cupcakes.  Liquid red food coloring just is not red!  But they were fun and Megan yelled "Happy Birthday!" when she saw them -- which I think was appropriate.

And now to bed for the girls while Chopper fixes running toilets (he has been exercising lately -- haha).  No fireworks for us this year.  Dark enough isn't until about 10:30 p.m. and our town has a fireworks ban, not to mention the burn ban in effect over 80% of the state (worst drought in 100 years or something) so we'll just have to see the broadcast of . . . wherever they broadcast from!  That's ok -- we have lots of years ahead of us for fireworks!

Oh and as a side note -- these are a few of our favorite things:
Megan sings ALL THE TIME!  She sings during the hymns in church (totally off), makes me repeat songs in the car until she learns them (including Praise to the Man -- I've learned that one well) and makes up songs all over the house.  Well, you can only take so much kids music but radio is always iffy and I don't really listen to current stuff anymore so I've been introducing her to musicals.  She loves them.  But they do take a little time to learn.

Abby loves to swing!  We need to get a real swing set so that they can both swing, but amazingly, this girl holds on and does it big kid style.  And she complains very loudly the entire time Megan swings and when we make her get off.  She LOVES it!

The other thing she loves is me.  I'm not saying that to brag -- she just wants to be held by me ALL THE TIME!  And if I try to hold her any other way, she pulls and scoots until she is on my right hip with one arm at my shoulder and her thumb in her mouth.  She is completely a momma's girl! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July decorating

I am ridiculously proud of my fireplace mantel for the 4th of July this year.  If I had the option of a fireplace, I probably wouldn't take it -- not with young kids anyway -- because it's kind've a worry.  But since I have one anyway, I LOOOOVE decorating the mantel for different holidays.  Part of the reason for that is that I can do it on a very limited budget (sometimes nothing) and it makes at least part of the house festive!
Ok so the picture in the middle doesn't fit AT ALL but I don't have anything holiday appropriate to put there.  The subway art on the side came from The Crafting Chicks as a free printable and turned out sooo cute.  The rest was kind've slapped together from what I had around the house -- including the books, and yes they are all American authors and/or collections!

I'm totally bragging here, but why not?

Since the next major holiday (for decorating purposes anyway) isn't really until Halloween, I think I'm going to do a family display next.  That is if my family members would send me pictures -- AND IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND I DON'T HAVE ONE YET THEN GET CRACKING!!!!!

I love you all.