Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now I'm A Mom

Child #2 (that would be Abby) is now taking steps on her own and without bribery!  Now cousin Liam can finally stop gloating!!!!

Yes Grandpa, that is a volcano on her head.  But you will be happy to know that we do not go out in public like this, it's just because it's the only way I can keep her hair out of her face and I need her to concentrate on walking!

But that's not what finally makes me a mom.  I love Megan, I really do, but we've had a total change in lifestyle since Abby became mobile that never happened with Megan.  Our lives now include the following "modifications":
Trash cans have been placed in an unreachable area.
Toilet lids are closed and bathroom doors are closed.
If I don't want it climbed on, anything that gives Abby an extra INCH of height must be removed -- pillows cannot be on the floor by the coffee table and as of last night the bathroom stool has to leave the bathroom while Megan is in the tub -- Abby fell in (and was fine, I was sitting right there) while trying to reach the bubbles.
My purse now goes up high.
My pantry is in a constant state of disaster from where she's gone in and emptied what she can reach (she likes to sit in boxes), and whined about what she can't.
Toys now migrate to every area of the house.

Need I go on?  Yes I know, these are normal baby-toddler behaviors.  But they did not occur with Megan. It's a whole new ball game now.

In other news, I've been busy putting things together for a trip and have been experimenting with pie for our Stake Pie-o-neer Day Celebration (haha).  The result?  A little bit dry apple pie and not the prettiest but kind've good.  Next on the list, lemon meringue.  Mmmmmm.

Megan really liked painting rocks the other day.  Her art skills are getting really good.

 This is just a giant dragonfly that was sitting outside our window today (on which the blinds have been raised partway so that Abby doesn't play with them . . .).

And another ridiculous volcano shot just for Grandpa because we know how much he loves them.  We promise no volcanoes when we come to visit!

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