Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just an Ordinary Life

I realized it's been over a week since I've posted but we haven't done anything big so I guess just the ordinary update is in order.

 We are a cookie loving family!  I've had to make them twice in the past week (oh darn) for various reasons and Chopper and the girls have been very happy about that.

 Those fat cheeks are full of cookie and yet she's still eyeing what Megan has left.

 Megan has hit a really big coloring phase.  And look how good she's doing!  This morning I thought she slept in, so I took my shower and took my time and while I was getting dressed she finally came in and told me, "Mommy I've been coloring for a while."  Hey I'll take it if it means a few more minutes of sleep!

We've been preparing for vacation and since it involves 20 hours up and 20 hours back (just me and the girls -- Chopper is staying home) I've been hitting all my favorite places looking for cheap books and DVD's to entertain the girls on the drive.  Today at one of thrift stores I found this:
 $34.00  Good deal right?  I thought so.  But them when the lady rang it up, apparently today was 50% off on all toys and this was labeled as a toy.  So, 1 plastic outdoor house for $17.50?  Well worth the money -- and then some.

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aidanjordan said...

WHOA! Sweet deal on the house! We paid WAY more than that...and we even got ours from Craigslist...and it's not as cool as yours!