Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Ahh, the 4th of July!  There's no holiday quite like it.  I love that it's so relaxed and celebratory.  A lot of other holidays have a lot of stress associated with them in the preparation, but not this one!

We kept it really low key this year.  On Saturday while Chopper was at Scout camp, I took the girls and joined some friends for a parade in their "town".  It was about 10 minutes long and maybe a hundred people in attendance -- perfect for the girls (and I liked it to!).  There was candy throwing, stuffed animal throwing (you think I'm kidding), free food, fun at the park (Megan actually went down the slide -- GASP), and sweat covering every inch of my body.  At 10 a.m.  Welcome to Texas.

Since Chopper had my camera at Scout camp (with extremely strict orders not to let any scouts touch it or let it get eaten by raccoons), Aidan wonderfully sent me these cute pictures she took of the girls.  She has a great perspective, I just might have to hire her!

Today, we started off by going to the pool!  Our neighborhood pool has been under construction for several months for a reason I don't really understand but that warranted tearing the entire thing out and starting over.  I'm kind've glad now that they did!  It's a nice pool with a shallow toddler area and goes 4 feet at the max.  Chopper wanted it to be deeper but I like it because it prevents too many jumpers and divers and bigger kids because it's not fun enough for them -- but safer for us.  It took a little time for the girls to both get used to the water and the idea but after being there for an hour, they didn't want to leave.
Oh yeah, Megan is sitting in a ring, wearing water wings, and carrying a pool noodle.  No way this girl is going under water!

After lunch and nap, Chopper fired up the grill (of course -- that man is so proud of his grill)
 and we had hot dogs, teriyaki kabobs, chips, watermelon "on the rind" (Megan's favorite) and pink, white, and blue cupcakes.  Liquid red food coloring just is not red!  But they were fun and Megan yelled "Happy Birthday!" when she saw them -- which I think was appropriate.

And now to bed for the girls while Chopper fixes running toilets (he has been exercising lately -- haha).  No fireworks for us this year.  Dark enough isn't until about 10:30 p.m. and our town has a fireworks ban, not to mention the burn ban in effect over 80% of the state (worst drought in 100 years or something) so we'll just have to see the broadcast of . . . wherever they broadcast from!  That's ok -- we have lots of years ahead of us for fireworks!

Oh and as a side note -- these are a few of our favorite things:
Megan sings ALL THE TIME!  She sings during the hymns in church (totally off), makes me repeat songs in the car until she learns them (including Praise to the Man -- I've learned that one well) and makes up songs all over the house.  Well, you can only take so much kids music but radio is always iffy and I don't really listen to current stuff anymore so I've been introducing her to musicals.  She loves them.  But they do take a little time to learn.

Abby loves to swing!  We need to get a real swing set so that they can both swing, but amazingly, this girl holds on and does it big kid style.  And she complains very loudly the entire time Megan swings and when we make her get off.  She LOVES it!

The other thing she loves is me.  I'm not saying that to brag -- she just wants to be held by me ALL THE TIME!  And if I try to hold her any other way, she pulls and scoots until she is on my right hip with one arm at my shoulder and her thumb in her mouth.  She is completely a momma's girl! 

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