Saturday, July 25, 2009


So my nephew's girlfriend Sheena tells us today that she saw us on Caroline County's website! We finally found it -- I think she saw it when they had the pictures posted on the front page -- but if you google Caroline County, VA and then click on their main site and go to site map, click on P, click on photo archives and there are pictures from the Port Royal 4th of July event. If you place your cursor over them, the picture pops right up and there we are! You know why they took the picture though, Megan's a cutie -- Chopper and I are just ok.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

I think that I've apologized for this before but to all those who I needlessly judged because their children were picky eaters -- I'M SOOOOO SORRY!

Megan is getting pickier by the day and I wish I had pictures to prove it (of all the things she's rejected on the floor). She does eat green beans (for which I am grateful) but she splits them apart and eats the seeds (is that what they are?) in the middle. That's it. I hope it still counts. Her latest food-capades (like escapades, get it?) include gagging herself with her fingers until she throws up, rubbing ranch dressing into her skin (I think she thinks it's lotion -- and it is quite fragrant), and put everything into her mouth except what she's supposed to. And she's never been a chewer until now.

On another note -- no news on the job front for Chopper. He's taking advantage of the time and going to girl's camp next week (I'm jealous) and they are very grateful because they do have such a hard time finding brethren who are able to go. As of Aug. 1st he'll be turned over to the Department of Labor so hopefully things will start moving forward. But physical therapy is going well and he's being sufficiently tortured.

And on another note -- I've been given an ultimatum to get on Facebook. I guess it can't hurt to give it a whirl even if I am a Blogger snob! So maybe I'll sit down and do that -- you'll have to look for me in the next few days.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Words

Well another misconception cleared up. I don't know why but I had it in my head that when Megan began to speak words I would understand them. Not so. I'm pretty sure that she is saying specific words -- although it's really only if prompted and not too voluntary. But she does quite a few animal noises and will say "sorry" and "hot dog" if you prompt her too. She doesn't really say mama or dada clearly even. I have an odd child. Or rather, an odd husband who's decided that his job is to teach her the unusual things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Video

The one reading the books is really long -- sorry I couldn't resist.

Megan's favorite things

It's so funny how quickly their personalities develop. Megan already hates having dirty hands, she won't eat anything that is even remotely sticky and that includes sugary things like ice cream or syrup, and she hates being forced or cajoled into eating anything. If it's not on her terms, it doesn't go in the mouth!

But it's more fun seeing the things that she loves: her reaction to animals of any kind, reading books, flowers, and stuffed animals. This last one is particularly cute because she hugs them all. When we go to stores with stuffed animals, she has to hug them. It's ok to put them back on the shelf afterwards, I think she understands that they live in the store or something, but they have to have a hug and be loved.
And after all, don't we all need a little love every now and then?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Fourth!

I love Independence Day! It was a bonus for us to celebrate twice though -- Chopper's sisters Joyce and Jeri were here from out of town so we did BBQ and fireworks on Thursday. Megan was not a fan of the fireworks -- even though we tried really hard not to get loud ones. She kept going back and forth between Chopper and I probably trying to decide either who was the safer parent or who would finally give up and just go inside already!

Saturday we went to Port Royal -- a small town in Virginia where most of the houses date from the 1700's. At their very old church,
they had colonial reenacters read the Declaration of Independence and then we went inside and sang patriotic songs, had a prayer, and a speech by "Lt. James Madison". It was a small town celebration but it was really neat and I think the best thing was to see people gathered to celebrate our nation and pray for it's welfare. I really think that most people in America feel that way and it's so sad the way it's going . . . Did you notice the little boy marching with the guard? He was right in line with the rest of them but I didn't know that they had cargo shorts and flip flops in colonial days!

These are for Grandma -- I made a 4th of July outfit for Megan. I thought by the picture that is would be a long-ish shirt and shorts. Well the shirt turned out to be a dress. I followed all the directions so maybe the picture is deceiving but I didn't like how the shorts turned out so she just dressed in colors and then wore the dress on Sunday to church but it was darn cute. I had a really hard time getting pictures though because she no longer holds still and instead starts to come after the camera so this is the best you get!

Oh and the picture with the bloomers, this is Megan trying to get dad to put them on her head. He puts EVERYTHING on her head and so she does too and she's usually pretty good at it but needs help this time. Needless to say, she loves her hat.

This is for Grandpa because he thinks big bows and hair decorations are ridiculous and apparently Megan thinks so too but you're only young enough for a short time for mom to tortue you in this way so it has to happen. She takes off her headbands and removes her bows but give her a crown or tiara and it's hours of wearing and staring at herself in the mirror.

Last but not least, look at this! Megan is FINALLY crawling. She switches back and forth between the crawl and the scoot but it is amazing progress for her to be on her knees moving around like this so you have to see it.
I think that's all I have. Oh yeah, I finally saw Ben Hur for the first time -- excellent movie by the way.