Friday, July 24, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

I think that I've apologized for this before but to all those who I needlessly judged because their children were picky eaters -- I'M SOOOOO SORRY!

Megan is getting pickier by the day and I wish I had pictures to prove it (of all the things she's rejected on the floor). She does eat green beans (for which I am grateful) but she splits them apart and eats the seeds (is that what they are?) in the middle. That's it. I hope it still counts. Her latest food-capades (like escapades, get it?) include gagging herself with her fingers until she throws up, rubbing ranch dressing into her skin (I think she thinks it's lotion -- and it is quite fragrant), and put everything into her mouth except what she's supposed to. And she's never been a chewer until now.

On another note -- no news on the job front for Chopper. He's taking advantage of the time and going to girl's camp next week (I'm jealous) and they are very grateful because they do have such a hard time finding brethren who are able to go. As of Aug. 1st he'll be turned over to the Department of Labor so hopefully things will start moving forward. But physical therapy is going well and he's being sufficiently tortured.

And on another note -- I've been given an ultimatum to get on Facebook. I guess it can't hurt to give it a whirl even if I am a Blogger snob! So maybe I'll sit down and do that -- you'll have to look for me in the next few days.

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