Saturday, July 23, 2011

No way!!!!

Ok I'll get to that part in a minute.  Today to celebrate Pioneer Day, our stake had a pie-o-neer celebration (haha) with games and pie eating.  It was a lot of fun!  We took one of Megan's friends along so that his parents could hold a garage sale with one less thing to worry about.
So excited!  We had all three kids sitting across the middle seat and the first 10 minutes was fun and games and then it became too much touching and poking and general unhappiness.  I'm very glad I don't have to go on a long trip with Megan and Abby right next to each other!

 This picture just struck me as funny because it was exactly the same except on the night setting.  Apparently, Megan is as white as the moon and that's why she shines so much.  That poor girl has inherited my skin . . . 

 Yay!  Facing forward finally!  Abby is much happier.

 Zach liked holding Megan's hand which was cute but then when the hugs started, Chopper's daddy antenna started going off.

 There was cotton candy and popcorn and face painting.  Megan actually held still for this -- you know why?
 Because she got a rainbow and kept telling me, "I'm Rainbow Dash!"  She loves My Little Pony right now.

We ate pie.  Mine didn't win but it sure tasted good.  Abby actually only had a few bites and Zach ate whatever he could get his hands on.  Yes, we returned him to his parents properly sugared up!

So this is the "no way" part.  I'm standing in the cultural hall watching the kids play and just seeing who's there from my ward that I know when I see this Elder standing over there . . . 
I taught this kid as a freshman!!!  How old am I????  He was not this tall when I taught him though but generally looks the same.  He told his companion I was the teacher who got mad at him for bringing a pillow to class.  He's right -- only because he used that pillow to go to sleep in my class!  Actually, he was one of my good ones but I was very surprised to see him because first --what are the odds (he's not serving in my ward but is in another ward in my stake) after all the places I've lived to have that happen and the Dallas mission stretches from south of Dallas out to the Louisiana and Oklahoma state lines; and second, my freshmen will probably always be 14 in my eyes so it was just weird to see him as a missionary.  And I remembered his full name!  He couldn't believe that.  He said he's been out about 8 months so he's at least 19, probably 20.  Where does the time go?  It was fun to talk to him.

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