Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So Busy!

Where do I even start?  This week - ok this month - has totally run me down.  And today is only the 4th!!

It started with Aaron.  The 18th is his first birthday and the 24th is his first stupid anniversary.  Some people call it their angel day.  I'm refusing to acknowledge it.  Instead, I decided I want to celebrate his birthday and I want to do something meaningful and wonderful so that I'll be able to be good enough to him back in the eternities (I'm all about the eternal points right now).

Seriously though, we decided to do a little service project for Children's Medical Center.  We're collecting donations for the hospital of toiletries and toys and books to take down there.  I'm also sewing 25 Beads of Courage bags.  I've put it out on Facebook if anyone wants to participate through donations and the response has been amazing.  So many people want to help that it's really wonderfully overwhelming!  Our plan is to take the donations to Children's on his birthday, visit his grave, and then go out for ice cream or some kind of fancy, fat-creating, sugar coma dessert so that I can maybe not think about that other anniversary.  

Fat chance.

SO busyness is the key.  Megan's birthday is Friday and we're having a How to Train Your Dragon party.  It quite possibly will be the last party I ever host but it should be fun.

Valentine's day of course is a big to-do for the girls with boxes and Valentines to sign and decorate.  Fun.  Sort of.

And we're looking at houses.  There, I've said it.  But we've already made an offer on 2 and not had them accepted so its out there.  And to that end we're taking pictures of our house tomorrow just in case we ever find something we like and can afford and actually have to put our house up for sale.  I have cleared every surface, cleaned and vacuumed everything, and there are still little piles of stuff that need to be dealt with.  Closets and cupboards are full and I'm sitting in my very clean, very stuffed house thinking -- this is why I need more house!  Well, specifically more storage really.  Or less stuff.  

At the rate we're going, we'll probably have a lot less stuff to go into more storage because this is driving me crazy.

So I'm tired.
Oh also, Chopper and I went on a Christmas present date last night to see Cavalia: Odesseyo.  It's acrobatics and horses and it's really really good.  They wouldn't let us take pictures and my phone camera is awful anyway but we had a fantastic time -- if it comes to your city, I highly recommend it!!

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