Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Week of Snow

Texas gets some cold weather but it usually doesn't mix with precipitation.  So when snow and ice happen, it is a REALLY big deal and usually that winter gets nick-named -- the year of the Super Bowl ice storm, etc.  So this is now, officially (according to me) the year of the REAL snow.  We've had an entire week of genuine winter weather!

Side note -- sort've.  When we stay inside and William has no way to release all that boy energy, Chopper and I get attacked a lot more.  Ok, I feel like we get attacked a lot more ANYWAY.  This kids wears me out.

He has started to play bite -- only it's real.  We've been trying to teach him not to do that but there was one afternoon that I couldn't get him to stop and so I yelled at him -- go bite daddy!  And he turned around and ran into the other room yelling "by dady, by dady!"  I got in trouble for that one. 

Last Sunday night we had a momentous meeting at church.  The stake took our ward and another ward that we border with and combined pieces to create a third!!  We knew it was coming (by a week) but were very surprised to see the extent of the cuts.  The original ward (Little Elm 1st now -- and still my ward) is very very small.  I think the smallest of the 3.  Should be interesting to see how our first day of church is tomorrow!

Anyway, that night the sleet and freezing rain started, with a little bit of snow thrown in.  Monday morning, school and work were both cancelled, and the kids bundled up to go play in the "snow". 
My new thing is to decorate my fireplace mantle every month to reflect the season or upcoming holidays so I made the kids take lots of pictures with the snow for next January's mantle!  This one is adorable!! 

I posted a picture on Facebook and how a few friends respond with their pictures -- somehow we got less snow than everyone else!!  But it doesn't stop the kids from playing with trucks in the slush -- since that's about all they could do. 


I can't remember why I took this picture now.  Megan got mad about something and went into the corner and pouted and it kind've made me laugh so I took a picture without her knowledge.  I'm such a mean mommy. 

Tuesday was also cancelled (hey it freezes overnight and Dallas has NO snow equipment.  The only thing they have is sand trucks and those are reserved for major highways.) but Wednesday morning was only a delay.  About 9 a.m. it started snowing again so we walked to school in the snow -- which they absolutely loved. 

What is this stuff???

Catching snowflakes of course!

By Wednesday afternoon it was all gone and 60 degrees.  We wore jackets to walk to school to pick Megan up.  Not kidding.

Thursday was cold again but dry and then Friday.  Oh my Friday.  It was sooooo cold so I drove to school and dropped Megan off.  I had grand plans to run a bunch of errands and the snow started again at 9 a.m.  Perfect, fluffy, beautiful, dry, powdery snow.  And it snowed all. day. long.  A bunch of friends came over to play (yay!) and Chopper came home at 11 because they shut the building down.  Everyone went home for lunch and while it was fabulous at home, the roads were horrific.  You should see the news.  People here do now know how to drive in snow but it also doesn't help that it gets icy really quickly!

But I think we got 2-3 inches!!  That's practically a blizzard!  With drifts!!

Lots of people went to the high school to sled (oh yeah, school never let out early --weird) but we don't have sleds (well, no one does -- lots of plastic lids, trash bags, etc. I heard).  We also don't have proper snow gear.  No boots, no waterproof gloves -- William does have a snowsuit which I completely forgot about until after the fact.

 So 10-15 minutes of this quickly turns teary with cold hands and faces and wet everything.

 But it was magic for a while!!

Poor William.  He has a great pair of jeans that are lined with fleece so I put those on -- only to find they were too big.  So I rolled the top down.  Well it didn't work and those pants kept falling down.  So I tried safety-pinning them to his coat (you know, like those old snap pajamas?).  That didn't work either.
Poor boy had to have naked legs in the snow while mommy took pictures.
Yes after this I put pants that fit on him.  But then he took off his gloves, fell down, and discovered the burning sensation of snow on already cold and wet hands.  That was the bitter end.  But blankets and Might Machines made him happy again while he warmed up.


Great day -- now give me spring!!!

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