Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Handful of . . . Joy?

I need to post about Megan's birthday yesterday -- that was a handful of crazy really.  But I wanted to quickly blog about William being a handful today.  I don't really remember the girls being like this, but maybe I've just really forgotten.

Anyway, all in one day we've had three "fantastic" moments.  

The first came while I was in the shower.  William has figured out how to get in and out of the bathtub.  I thought it wasn't a big deal until he climbed in the bathtub and then on the ledge and on to our sink to get my hair scissors.  Then he shows them to me while I'm in the shower (big grin on his face) and when I yell at him to put them down he runs away.  So I'm frantically trying to get out of the shower when Abby comes in (no, I have no privacy and Chopper wasn't home to help).  I tell her to go find William and take the scissors away.  She comes back and says she can't because he's trying to poke her with them, but fortunately we follows her in, proceeds to sit down and cut his pajama pants up WITHOUT cutting himself.  Not sure how that happened.

So we move on.

We bought Megan a Lego Creators set for her birthday.  It's a set that builds 3 different things and it's great but I'm disappointed simply because of the number of small, specialized pieces it contains.  I'd rather be building a general stock of Legos right now.  Anyway.  It's all over the floor and William comes to me pointing at his mouth.  I ask him if he's got Legos in his mouth and he says no, I look but don't see any.  Then I lay him down to change his diaper and he starts choking.  So I pull him back up and start pounding on his back and he throws up.  But this also returns two Lego pieces.  Thank goodness for a strong gag reflex?

Now it's back to my bathroom where he climbs back up and gets my mascara.  Since he watches me just about every morning he knows what to do -- open the tub and put it on your eyes!  I have a picture of that one.  I took the tube away (Chopper was in the bathroom that time though so I don't know why he didn't step in) and told him to smile.  He was very excited to have his pictures taken while wearing mascara.

Have I mentioned I'm tired lately???

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Alicia said...

I hear ya! That would make me tired too. He sounds amazing. Just like a two year old boy should be, right? Sneaky little things. Tucker has recently discovered dressing and undressing himself. Oh boy.