Friday, February 13, 2015

Megan Turns Seven!!

Shame on me for not posting this earlier right?  A birthday is a big deal!!
Parties are a lot of work and I don't think I'll be doing them every year!  But this year went a lot better than last -- everyone had a great time and Megan was a very good hostess remembering to say thank you and have fun!
Happy 7th birthday!!  I can't decide which picture I like better. 

Megan decided this year she wanted a "How to Train Your Dragon" party.  I think movie themed parties are awesome -- show the movie and most of the party is done!!  The cake on the other hand needed a little creativity and I am NOT a cake decorator so this is what I came up with: 
One regular cake and one batch of regular size cupcakes and mini cupcakes.  Chocolate frosting, blue, green, and gray frosting, and a box of dragons and voila!!  Not too hard, tasted pretty good, and the kids loved it!

I knew the girls would want to take the dragons home so I bought them individual ones from Target that were about the same size and cheap so everyone was happy.

We had six guests and spent the first fifteen minutes coloring our viking shields -- by the way, everything takes less time than you think it will because they're all hyper about the party -- oh and the sugar of course. 
Bakers cardboard cake rounds and duct tape.  Awesomeness.

Then we had a sheep hunt with these little guys:
They turned out so cute but the fleece that I made them out of is curly and sheds EVERYWHERE when you cut it.  I will never NEVER do anything with it again.

The girls liked this so much that after we ate and watched maybe 20 minutes of the movie, they decided to spend the next hour taking turns hiding and searching for the sheep.  And when it got dark out (we did the party starting at 4:30 on a Friday) I broke out several packages of glow sticks and let them play outside too.  It was a crazy party but fun. 

Dinner and a movie . . . for a little while anyway. 

Showing off their shield. 

Cake time -- Megan managed not to be grumpy with all the attention focused on her!

After her friends went home she opened up her presents from us.  She got a lot of fun stuff and our house is overrun with artsy crafty things right now.  I desperately want a 2nd story game room to put it all in!! 

This is my favorite decoration -- pictures of Megan over the years!!

Since we had the party on her birthday after school, I had a lot of prep work to do so didn't go to eat lunch with her but one of her friend's mom's did and she sent me this cute picture!  Note to parents though -- I did take cupcakes into her classroom and Megan requested blue frosting.  NEVER again!!  Even after you wipe the frosting off, the face, fingers, clothes, whatever -- are stained blue!!  From here on out, white frosting with sprinkles is the name of the game!

 Awesome illustrated animal encyclopedia.

The next day (Saturday) was William's day of craziness -- we have more and more of those.  Anyway, this is his face after applying my mascara.  And he's so proud of himself. 

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