Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am a Top Chef!

Back before Chopper and I got rid of cable, I really enjoyed watching Top Chef on Bravo (although it was 2nd to Project Runway ANY DAY!). As I was making Megan lunch yesterday, I realized that they really aren't as fabulous as they seem. At least a few times each season, the contestants will do a dish that is "deconstructed". In other words, the individual components have been separated and are served to be eaten one at a time. Well gosh darn, I've been doing these for months now! Yesterday Megan has burrito's -- deconstructed (rice and beans and tortilla and cheese all separate on her little tray) and for dinner, hamburgers -- deconstructed. She also has enjoyed chicken salad -- deconstructed, and plenty of sandwiches -- deconstructed.

Either the chefs aren't that advanced, or the judges don't realize that they are being served toddler food. :)

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