Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Music

Of course everyone knows how beneficial it is for babies and children to listen to good music. Of course the trick is to find music that is beneficial for them while not driving me crazy! Although I suppose that that is part of what goes around comes around when you become a parent. There also is that big push for playing classical music. I found the best combination of the two!

There are a series of CDs called Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along Symphonies. They literally take well known classical music and write lyrics to it. Megan and I checked out vol. 3 from the library today and I thought it was hilarious! Megan was a little less than impressed but she's that way with pretty much all music right now. They do the tracks twice, once with the lyrics and once without. But everyone needs goofy lyrics! I just wish I could find Wee Sing Silly Songs . . .

My mom also sent me a CD called Stories of Jesus. I'm going to be honest, it's not my favorite. I guess for one I expected them to be more reverent, more Primary. But that's hard to do when you have lyrics like: "And wicked old Herod went crazy and died. / And not one person missed him at all." and "Listen to good news! Hey, really good news. Good news! Good news for the good guys and the bad." or my personal favorite -- (in a song titled Sheep) "We could get eaten by a leopard. Yum! I like my mutton peppered. Ooh, we really need a shepherd! Little sheep, sheep. Helpless little sheep, sheep." It just makes me laugh really hard and I don't usually see that as the goal of a selection of music titled Stories of Jesus! Thanks mom!


Jolene said...

Haven't looked at your blog in quite some time. I've enjoyed "catching up" on your family news. Glad your family is together again! Megan is soooo cute! We miss our association with the student ward, but have been keeping very busy, even tho Randy retired the end of Feb. Don't seem to have your email anymore - please send to me at We both send our love!!

Kate F. said...

Have you checked Barnes & Noble for Wee Sing? Ours has a big selection of those CD's.