Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis the Season

For Santa! The Riverdale Library (one room) had Santa and Mrs. Claus and it was perfect for Megan's first visit because there were no long lines and she did exactly what I thought she was going to do -- get really concerned and then cry. She was only concerned until she turned around and got a good look at Mr. Claus and the result was all out help me! She calmed down once I was holding her again poor thing!

For Snow! Michigan weather is apparently going to set a record for snowfall in December. I love snow, but this is not exactly thrilling. We made a snowman to stand in for Chopper for our Christmas cards (the real one is much cuter), and then walked around showing Megan the trees and everything. She really had to examine of course and my mom got this ADORABLE picture of her. I think it's my new favorite. Can you believe this madness?

For football! Grandpa's teaching her "touchdown" and she does pretty good. Although she crosses her fingers (what's she lying about)? Chopper will be so happy except for one little problem: she only does touchdown for Grandpa!

For Christmas! And the monster is completely thrilled by all things Christmas. She loves the music, LOVES the presents, and LOVES the decorations. Even when we go in stores and she sees trees or hanging wreaths and things she does her excited grunt/scream thing.

I do love the holidays and we definately have Christmas spirit going on!


Rachelslope said...

We need her at our Super Bowl party!

mickelsenfamily said...

So sad that Chopper has to be a snowman this year :( Must be hard but you always have a smiling face. Megan little face is priceless. She's so sweet. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.