Friday, September 30, 2011

Abby's Stats

Abby's 18 month appointment was yesterday (Wednesday was her "birthday") and there were no surprises there.

Weight -- 20 lbs 10 oz (6%)
Height -- 29.75 inches (7%)
Head -- 44.75 cm (9%)

Still tiny.

In other news, I couldn't resist any longer and I broke down and took out the fall and Halloween decorations.  Hey, tomorrow is the first so I'm almost safe!  But ever since Chopper painted and moved the bridge pictures, I've had this big blank wall staring at me.  Lightbulb!
Fun huh?  The framed pictures are Megan and Abby's first Halloween (each) and the subway art is from the Eighteen25 blog (I think, I need to recheck that).  The middle is a magnetic board from IKEA and it is the perfect solution to my griping about pictures.

I have too many pictures of the girls and other family members (but yes, mainly the girls) that I just love.  And I hate changing frames all the time and who really has room to display them ALL.  So I decided with a magnet board, I can display all my favorites each month for that season or holiday.  When it's birthday time I'll put up lots of pictures of previous birthdays and when they were born.  I'm very excited about it and the girls love seeing themselves in pictures and always ask about who everyone else is.  Now if I could just get pictures of everyone else . . . you know who you are!

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Mark and Adri said...

Adrienne wants the pumpkin quilt, blanket or whatever it is. Too bad you don't have our name for Christmas... clock for decorations. Sad...