Monday, September 5, 2011

Megan's New Princess Dress

I was serious!

Joann Fabrics has some great sales.  I really do love that place.  On Friday night, Chopper and I went on a date (I know, I know -- shocker) and just did some shopping without kids (heaven!).  I insisted (and he loves me enough to go along with it) on going to Joann's to pick up an item or two on sale for Labor Day.

$1 for a basic princess dress pattern
$4 for pink tulle


She's worn it quite a bit already.  The top was from the pattern but I improvised the skirt and it definitely needs some tweaking, but Megan's not complaining.  So that brings us to a total of 3 dresses -- one of which she refuses to wear actually.  But the "Cinderella" dress and the "Rosetta" dress (she's one of Tinker Bell's friends in case you're not up and up on your Disney fairies . . . ) are definite thumbs up.

A few things about Abby: 
She is really into carrying bags and purses around right now.  Unfortunately, most of them are two big for her and she gets really frustrated so a small purse just her size should probably be next on my list.
She's got a slew of words under her belt and is starting into the two-syllable range: monkey, daddy, milk, snack, outside,  -- and sadly I can't think of the others right now!  They'll come to me eventually.

Happy Labor Day!

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