Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh the way their minds work . . .

Megan is smart little cookie.

On Tuesday after the library and the park we wandered over the splash park that was still in operation.  Mind you, I never go to those things because both girls hate water in their faces and getting splashed so it's not worth it.  But we were with a friend and when her little boy stripped off his shirt and ran right in, guess who wanted to as well?

I managed to keep her clothed for a while and then Abby went to investigate this weird thing on the ground and got a fountain blast right in the face.  She was not happy and soaked to the skin so off came her clothes.  Well, that got Megan insisting on nakedness even more.  But I told her, "Megan, I took off Abby's clothes because she got all wet."  At which point she stretches out in a wet spot on the concrete (remember, she doesn't go near the fountains), gets her shirt wet, and then says to me "ok mommy I'm all wet can you take my clothes off?"  I don't know if I can argue with the logic.  And she's three.  She thinks a pair of shorts is just another kind of suit.  So off came the shirt.

Yesterday after I practically forced her to take one single bite of dinner Chopper asked her if it was good.  "It certainly is!"  But just not good enough to eat I guess.

She takes so much of what we do into her little brain and spews it out on Abby.  The fact that I have to repeat myself over and over frustrates me to no end but apparently it actually IS getting through.  Abby cries, she tries to console her.  Abby does something she shouldn't (like pick her nose) and Megan tells her not too.  Funny thing is, she doesn't follow through on any of this behavior herself . . .

Oh except for right now.  Chopper is watching the President's address on tv and is being quite vocal.  Guess who's mimicking him?  Good guess.

Abby will not be outdone anymore.  She constantly asks what things are and tries more and more to say them.  She loves to read to (the same books over and over and over and over . . .) and her favorites right now are Lunch (Denise Fleming), any of the Gossie and Gertie books (Olivier Dunrea), a couple of baby books (in other words, books that feature read babies) and Dear Zoo (can't remember the author right now).  But she is into everything and my house is never clean.  Sigh.  I do love a clean house.  Oh well -- I love a happy toddler more!

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