Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back Again

Yes more arboretum pictures.  Megan has been talking for a FULL WEEK about going back and getting another kitty-cat face.  So we took some different friends (I have now exhausted my supply of friends -- just kidding) and enjoyed it another day.  

I tell you what though -- it was hot and muggy again!  But we had a great time as usual.  Ready for the same old same old?  You know you love it!
 Ariel's throne.  We didn't get to this castle last time so it was first on our list this time.  Go figure that on our way out the door that Megan realized that THIS time we didn't go to Rapunzel's castle.  That girl has a memory like an elephant.

 Yeah I know, a bird.  But it just sat there and let us get close.  The girls were fascinated.

 This is Abby -- go go go.  Hold me or let me run.  And when she runs, she does not listen.  Although actually, if you're on the move yourself, she'll pretty much stay with you.  But sitting down for a bit is not an option.  Even when there's food involved.  She just takes it with her!

 I got a better shot this time of the whole carriage and the girls in it.  Megan loves this thing.  Abby just likes another place to climb.

 Hi mom!

 Megan and her friend Phoebe.

 Ah there it is, the blue kitty-cat face.  And yes she keeps going back to look in the mirror with this one too.

 Abby's favorite is the animals and today they had a cow which made me really nervous.  It's penned it but Abby likes to lean into the pen and I had visions of that cow lifting it's head and goring her with a horn on the way up.  So we tried to stick with goats.  That really became fascinating when one started pooping and I had to get her away from it before you tried to explore what THAT was.

 I think this bower of Crepe Myrtles is my favorite place in the whole arboretum.  

Megan and Phoebe: kitty and puppy.  We had a good time -- they had a good time.  Well worth another trip.

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