Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black and Blue and Random for You

Random pictures for you this week -- enjoying the cooler weather -- only 90 degrees!!!

Both my girls love sunglasses.  They are cute.

Do you see this monstrosity on my arm?

Here I outlined it for you.
This is the bruise on my arm from getting my blood drawn.  I HAVE NEVER had a bruise this bad!  And that's saying something since I pretty much have my blood taken every other month (and for someone with needle phobia that's a big deal).  It's just proof I should listen to my instincts.  When the new nurse put the tourniquet on weird I should have known.  She didn't get the vein right and so then the doctor did it.  And believe it or not, this bruise is where the doctor poked me.  Oh it hurt so bad.  And it's my Abby arm and you all know that the girl won't let me put here down -- unless we're in public and she could get lost -- then she wants to run.  Figures.  But I just had to bring attention to my pain and suffering because Chopper and my mom are both tired of hearing about it and I need more sympathy.  Thanks for listening!  :)


Amanda said...

Ugh! Sorry about the bruise. That looks gnarly. They blew the vein in my wrist once, and it hurt so badly!

Alicia said...

looks bad. Sorry to hear that!