Monday, June 2, 2008

James' Mission Call

My youngest brother James finally got his mission call today. I love that life is full of surprises. Chopper said he would go to Arizona, I said to eastern Europe, and my mom thought South America. After all, Mark served first in Guatamala and then Southern California Spanish speaking and Jeff is currently in Argentina.

Surprise #1: James will be serving in the Pocatello, Idaho mission.
Surprise #2: He will be Spanish speaking.
Surprise #3: He doesn't report to the MTC until Sept. 3

Needless to say, I had to laugh since we had just been there. Of course the mission is larger than just Pocatello -- it goes north to the Montana border and then a little bit into Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. James may never actually serve in Pocatello. But for all of you who still live in that area, come this fall look out for an Elder Gasser and give him a hard time for me and then stuff him with good Idaho hospitality!


Brittany said...

Idaho?? That is actually really funny. I didn't' know they had a spanish-speaking mission there!

Holly said...

I had no idea he had his papers in! Thank heavens you keep this blog so that I can be updated on what is going on with the family! But I can't believe he is going to Pocatello!