Monday, June 30, 2008

Everyone Loves A Baby

I can't get over what an icebreaker a baby is. Today, Megan and I went to the mall to get away from the 95 degree weather in an unairconditioned apartment and to find cute accessories for the 4th of July (mission accomplished by the way -- the pictures on Friday will be the cutest things you've ever seen!).

EVERYONE (ok maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but A LOT) commented on how pretty she is and sweet and add here the list of adjectives that describe adorable, female, plump-cheeked babies _______________________. Now, I completely agree OF COURSE but its just interesting how many stories you hear from random strangers when you walk into a store with a baby. To their credit, I haven't gotten the annoying advice kind and its kind've fun to hear people's stories and comments but strangers sure are a lot friendlier now than they ever were before!


mickelsenfamily said...

That is so funny! My grandma moved into an assistant living facility and I can't walk in there without everyone oooing and aaawing over Caleb. It is hilarious! It makes me feel better as a mom though.

A said...


yeah! Another blogger! I am so happy! I put you into my family and friends link so I can visit all the time. You daughter is beautiful!! Congrats! Love, A

grandma laura said...

It's me, Aunt Laura! I finally figured out how to leave a comment! Your baby is so darn cute! I can hardly wait to see her. I hope it will be soon! I'm glad her twitch was nothing serious. Although isn't that a method of Chinese torture?