Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Great Expectations . . .

were fulfilled! I finished the book last night and I really really liked it. But then I've really enjoyed other books that I've read by Charles Dickens (Hard Times and A Tale of Two Cities) so I guess I should'nt be surprised. I love the way Dickens creates characters that are so vivid and create such strong emotions. I wanted to strangle Pumblechook the entire time because of his arrogancy! And how ironic is it that Pip's sister should be such a tyrant and so much in control of him and Joe (her husband) and yet is never called anything other than Mrs. J. Gargery -- her name isn't even revealed until the end of the novel. The plot was somewhat predictable in that I figured out who Pip's benefactor was but the ways that everyone and everything tie together just kept me reading and reading for hours (ok maybe not hours -- but anytime Megan was asleep). If you like classic Brit lit at all, read it! I might have to rent the movie just to see, although I'm pretty sure it will make me mad. And I can't decide what will be next -- probably Oliver Twist.

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