Sunday, June 1, 2008

The dubious middle

Over the next few days, Megan sort've warmed up to everyone and sort've not. She spent a lot of time tired or hungry since her feeding schedule was thrown off and she was sleeping in a new place. For her, that meant very little tolerance for people that weren't mom or dad. And since Chopper took on the project of redoing the small bathroom (surprise, surprise), mom got to cart Megan around A LOT! I love her, but she's a chunky girl!

We didn't do anything big honestly. We stayed at home and hung out with family. Grandpa (Chopper's dad) spent lots of time with Megan in his chair and Grannie and Grandma (Chopper's mom) cooked, did laundry, and played with Megan and talked to her. I made Chopper get a 4 generation picture. Honestly, we don't know how much longer Grannie will be with us and I want Megan to know that they met and she was loved.

We also spent a lot of time with Chop's sister-in-law Emily and her adorable kids Eve, Sophie, and Blu. Emily was wonderful! She brought us two huge boxes of clothes from 3 to 18 months. They're not having any more so it's all from the girls and they are so cute! But given our current circumstances as somewhat tight -- this is a huge blessing! She also has started her own photography business. She has the equipment to literally bring a studio to your house. So she brought her equipment and took family pictures of us. Hopefully I'll get some of those uploaded tomorrow if the files aren't too big.

Emily's son Blu is 7 months but he and Megan are the same size! He crawls and jumps and is a solid kid where Megan is kind've fluffy. Eve was so sweet, always wanting to kiss "baby cousin Megan" and Sophie's exuberance meant that Megan got to experience what siblings would be like so to speak. There were a lot of shaking of limbs, suffocating hugs, and big kisses from her. But they were both adorable.

Chopper got the first good thunderstorm that he's had in a while. He loves them. It was so nice to be with trees! I wanted to take Megan for walks so bad but we didn't have a stroller unfortunately! The weather was beautiful! Not too hot and muggy and mostly bright clear days.

Chopper spent two days in DC doing his physical, polygraph, and psych evaluation for the Capitol Police. They've given him an offer of employment conditional upon successful passing of those plus his background check. He would be eligible for the training class in October. So it looks like we'll be in Missoula for the summer. THat will hopefully give us a chance to go to Glacier when it's not snowpacked! We're not sure that he actually passed his polygraph though -- not that he lied! Apparently his white questions (things like are you sitting down and do you live in Missoula -- they set the standard for what it looks like when you tell the truth and when you lie) were all over the place. The examiner told CHopper that he didn't think he was lying (what?) but he has the most interesting physiology he's ever seen. Hmmm . . .

While we were there we went on an actual date! Grannie watched Megan (while she was asleep for the night) while Chopper and I went to a late dinner. It was weird going somewhere without her and I was so nervous (about how Megan would do -- not Grannie) that I kept checking the cell phone every 10 minutes to make sure it was on. This kind of parental overkill slows down eventually right?

But can I tell you how good it felt to be with family and in Virginia? It has definately whet my appetite for moving back!

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Brittany said...

Kristy- when you left a comment on my blog I couldn't figure out who you were... I get it now! Megan is so cute! I LOVE chubby babies. I will check in often.