Monday, June 23, 2008

Major events

I have redefined what my idea of a major event is. That happens I think when your world changes in any way. But at any rate, this weekend has had several events that I would now classify as major:

1. On Saturday, Chopper, Megan and I went to a quilt show in Missoula. We completely underestimated the size of the quilt show and ended up leaving to put Megan to bed and then I went back on my own. There were literally hundreds of quilts there and some amazing work! I also found the long-arm quilting frame and machine that I want . . . now to save up $3000. And the guy is based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho -- he'll ship but how much will that cost? But it was the coolest thing. You could quilt in 3 ways: free-style (so to speak), with a laser pointer to follow a pattern, or there is a stylus attached to the machine for fitting in the grooves of specially made templates so you always have a perfect pattern. I love it! Maybe if I am very good and get this job . . .

2. What job? I applied for a job as an editor for a company called Synergy Press in Washington DC. I found their add on Craigslist and it said that they don't mind remote editors so I sent them my resume. They just contacted me today to do some editing to see what my style is and then if they like that, a phone interview is next. I don't know that it will happen but I am very excited about the possibility.

3. Last but not least, Megan had a pooplosion in church yesterday. She was in her carrier playing after waking up from a 10 minute nap when I hear 4 squirters in a row. In that position, there's nowhere for the "stuff" to go other than out and lo and behold, that's exactly what it did. Needless to say, it was the Sunday where I forgot to put a changing pad and a spare set of clothes in the diaper bag. So after I used 10 wipes, the spit rag, and my nursing cover to clean her up and keep it from getting on other stuff in the process, I was left with a naked baby. In church. Walking into the chapel during a Sunday School lesson with a naked baby (of course diapered though) caused quite a bit of amusement for everyone. Other mom's just looked at me with that "been there done that" smile. WHen I talked to one of the ladies I am now visiting teaching on the phone today we were trying to figure out who each other was. She new me by the naked baby. Now that's something. Needless to say, I'll probably be over-prepared for the next while and then get lax and it will happen again at that point!


mickelsenfamily said...

Oh those were the day. Caleb has never had a complete blow out but he's been close and that was enough. It's getting so easy now that Caleb is finished with bottles and doesn't wet as much and is entertained by other things while driving. I hardly have anything in the diaper bag. I kind of miss the little toys he use to play with though. Good to hear you are all doing well. Good luck with the job.

Alicia said...

that is so funny! Babies are just a lot of fun moments rolled into one little life. I'm glad you shared. It brightened my day.