Monday, June 2, 2008

The anxious beginning

For those of you who know I am a worrier, this was the ultimate worry. Do we take the Snugli or the carseat? How do we keep our kicker occupied on the plane? How will she react to new people since I REALLY don't get out much. Needless to say, sleepless nights really stacked up the week before this trip.

We decided to take the carseat and gate check it but actually never really used it. Megan wanted to be carried the entire time because she was tired but awake because of all the new things to see. SO really, it became kind've a pain to have one more thing to carry around. And that really sums up the day's travel: tired and fussy but so busy looking she did NOT want to sleep too much so mom and dad get to haul her everywhere!

But we did learn a lot about traveling with an infant which I hope never to have to do again but the main points are:
1. Why pack books and treats for Chopper and I? We won't have a chance to use them and its one more thing to carry.
2. Diaper bag? It would've been easier to make it a diaper backpack.
3. Changing tables in restrooms are hard and uncomfortable.
4. A layover can be a good thing so that Megan can lay on the floor and kick and stretch (which she loves to do) and my arms can reset themeselves into their sockets.
5. Thumb sucking is the best thing ever! She didn't cry much because the thumb went right in.

The trip went decently. THe second leg from Denver to DC was nearly 4 hours long and she started getting really cranky at the end but we made it! All that was left was the car ride in rush hour traffic from DC down 95 to Fredericksburg.

We knew it was bad when she cried in the car all the way from DC to Fredericksburg. Usually she sleeps in the car. We walked in the door and first one to greet us was Chopper's mom and Megan gave her a smile. But then we handed her to Chopper's dad for a moment and she immediately burst into tears -- major tears -- and cried literally for the next hour and a half while we rocked and sang and tried to get her to sleep. FOrtunately for me, I have a daughter who ALWAYS sleeps well at night but she was fairly traumatized and it took her quite a while for her to get there. I felt bad too, you want your kids to love their grandparents -- after all, what's not to love? But to her, it was just too much I think.

The next day (still really the beginning of the trip) we tried holding with the grandparents but still no go. So we resorted to naps whenever she looked tired and looking at people in between. Apparently Megan is the girl who needs to examine before she'll be comfortable with something -- not a huge risk taker. This could be good in the future . . .

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