Sunday, June 29, 2008

Over-anxious mom

I know that by child #5 a lot of this will disappear, but I think I freak out more easily now than I ever have before.

Yesterday I was changing Megan's diaper and she started twitching. I'm not kidding. I watched her do it a few times to see if it was just a new movement she's discovered but she was screwing up her face and twitching. Then I notice she has water coming from the corner of her eyes and I start thinking -- seizure? allergic reaction to something? what IS THIS? I call Chopper in the frantic voice and then I notice she also has water on her forehead and my mind is racing at this point -- what causes twitching, crying, and profuse sweating in a matter of a few seconds?

Then I look up and realize that the washcloth for wiping her bum is hanging off of the edge of the table and it's dripping water onto her face.

Score one for the over-anxious mom.

As you can see, she is fine. On a less alarming note, Megan is starting to sit up a little bit. She can hold her own for about 5 seconds if she's leaning forward a little and put into the position. It's funny to watch her fall over -- I mean, I don't let her fall over all the way -- but it's funny how babies do not have that instinct to catch themselves. They just tip all at once, full body fall.

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