Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ah, Father's Day

This is apparently not as big as Mother's Day. Our ward didn't even speak on fathers and they didn't get the fathers a treat! On mother's day they spoke on mothers and they got us flowers (pansies in soil and ours has gone the way of all the earth!). My dad says this is because they're guys and its not a big deal and Chopper agrees.

But I have to say that my dad was very influential in my life and I hope that Chopper is for Megan and future kidlets. My dad has taught me so many things such as:

--How to manage money (of course my mom taught me how to spend money and they kind've cancel each other out)
--Fair play and how to lose graciously (although he's not so gracious when he loses at MarioKart . . . )
--How to make people laugh (or cause blank looks of "you're kidding me, right" to come over their faces)
--The importance of family (move out so you can come visit . . . eventually)
--Punctuality (if I have to tell you one more time to get out of bed I'm gonna . . .)
--Responsibility (you pet him, I never wanted the dog in the first place!)

No seriously -- I still go to my dad for advice and good bad jokes and he means a lot to me. They say you marry men like your father (sorry dad -- or is it sorry Chopper?) and Chopper has many of the same qualities that I admire in my dad: he works hard, spends good time with Megan and I, and is serious about creating a successful, loving family. Megan and I got him lots of his favorite treats and treated him well all day. He is already becoming a great father! I love you both!

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