Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chopper!

Today is Chopper's 31st birthday! I'm really grateful for birthdays -- its so fun to celebrate someone just because they exist. So we celebrated Chopper with lots of things he loves:

Chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake. (I always eat the entire cake practically anyway -- at least Chopper will eat all the cookies!)

A fishing trip -- sort've. Our rivers have been really flooded because of melted snowpack and then rainy weather. He couldn't actually go out fishing so instead he had to fish for his birthday presents.

Megan even made him a PowerPoint card -- ok she really posed for pictures but she was adorable!

In 31 years Chopper has done a lot in his life. I'm looking forward to the next thirty-one years and on to celebrate my wonderful husband. He is a great husband and a fabulous father. He really takes care of both of us. Happy Birthday Chopper!

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