Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing special

We've been pretty much back to normal since our big weekend. But, randomly speaking:

1. Missoula proudly boasts that they have 4 seasons. What they don't tell you is that winter takes up about half of the year. It is just NOW getting into beautiful weather and its supposed to be 90 over the weekend. That is not normal. Since Chopper and I just found out we don't have air conditioning (it hasn't mattered until now), I'll be glad to have it drop back to the 70s and maybe stay there for a while. But Megan and I have been taking walks and that's been nice. I'm getting really good at getting the stroller in and out of the trunk of my car. Missoula is pretty but I miss trees -- and I don't mean random trees -- I mean TREES. There are some very pretty ones in the neighborhood but nothing like Virginia. Sigh. This one is just pretty.

2. I realized today as I was pining over trees (get it?) that Chopper and I have lived our entire marriage on the west coast -- thus far. Who would've thought? I've enjoyed the places we've lived and especially the people we've met but I think I'm ready to move back to the east.

3. Megan is starting to grab things. Actually, it's funny because she does it in slow motion. But we have this chair that I LOVE because it has been so useful! She sits in it and watches me do the dishes or cook or whatever but it has a play thing (who knows what they're called) that attaches into the sides and has dangling things (watch the video and you'll see what I mean). Just this week she has started to push and pull them around and I think its fun to watch. Of course its all fun to watch for me! However, the song that plays in pieces when she pulls each one is now driving me nuts!

4. May is almost over. Holy moley.

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