Saturday, May 3, 2008

Toys, Toys, Toys

Megan gets bored easily. Actually I think its probably partly related to being 3 months old (on Tuesday). But you would think the makers of baby products would realize this. We bought her a swing. We gave in, so many people say their babies love to swing -- Megan not so much. She doesn't even really love to rock in the rocking chair but boy does she love to be walked around the apartment and look at things! But when she does consent to swing, she doesn't look at the mobile at the top -- no Megan likes to look at the red button that holds the legs in. Of course, the mobile is made up of 3 identical white bears. No pattern. No color. Now honestly -- you're in the baby business. So in an effort to see if maybe some color interested her in the swing a little bit more, Chopper "fixed" the mobile -- albeit temporarily.

Thank goodness he's married to a woman who has lots of interesting socks! However, as you can see, Megan is still looking at the red button.

It's frustrating to buy baby products and then not have her interested. She really likes things that are free. For example: she loves to watch her mother dance like a fool, she loves her pill bottle rattles filled with beans and rice (thank you childproof lids), and she loves to look at the clothes in our closet -- mesmerized by Chopper's side in particular. I think I need to learn a lesson from this . . .

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