Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've found my future!

Chopper is such a sweet husband! Even though he drives all over Montana during the week, he will still take me places on Saturday so I can see a little bit of the state too! Plus, he notices things that I'll like.

A few weeks ago he said he drove by a quilt shop in a church. I love old churches. Krista and I had the best time in Charleston, South Carolina years ago because I love old churches and she loves cemetaries so it was a really good combination. Anyway, so we went to Corvallis today to see it. OH MY GOODNESS! I love specialty quilt shops anyway because they have the CUTEST fabrics ever but this literally is a church that has been converted into a quilt shop. Be still my beating heart! It has the stained glass windows and the bellfry. Plus, the owners of the shop publish their own line of childrens clothes patterns and quilt patterns. I think someday I need one. A quilt shop in an old church -- or an old school would be acceptable too. It was such an inspiration. I came home wanting to quilt the rest of the day away. Megan's cranky so maybe not today anyway.

They were really nice in the shop -- not pushy at all but as we left the woman in charge made a comment that you just don't hear every day. "They have really good ice cream at the church up the street." And lo and behold, the church up the street is a cafe.

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mickelsenfamily said...

I love taking drives too and seeing things. I can't believe how fast meagan is growing. She is seriously such a doll!