Tuesday, May 6, 2008

National Teacher's Day

According to my calendar, today is National Teacher's Day. It is also Megan's 3 month birthday! But I was reminiscing about teacher appreciation stuff and I have to say -- most of the time it's really cheesy worthless stuff. You know what would be great to show teachers you appreciate them? I've compiled a list of things that would really be nice:

1. Extra copies for stuff -- heck unlimited copies!
2. Gift certificate to a book store
3. Removing all of the students who talk back, don't do their work, and are obnoxious from the classroom
4. Time to collaborate with other teachers on a day that doesn't come before grades are due
5. The administration to substitute
6. Give teachers a substantial raise
7. Pay teachers extra for dealing with students mentioned in #3

I think the list could go on but you probably get the point. So Maeli and Erika -- I appreciate you! And I would do all of the above if I could. Happy National Teacher Day!


E. Coleman said...

What a wonderful list!! If only!! Only three more weeks! Glad to hear you are well and hope your weather has improved!

Holly said...

All I can say to your list is: AMEN! :)